Thursday, July 6, 2017

Girl Time + Round-Up of My Current Fave Feminine Care Items

My oldest daughter and I were able to spend so much time together last week. But the reason for it was less than ideal... nagkasakit kami pareho! Both in bed rest nursing a fever, with headaches so bad we were literally in bed the whole day.

If our heads did not hurt that much, it would have been a fun time sana. It was just like hanging with a friend, chika all day! I did not realize until then just how much my daughter could talk to me so freely.

We talked about the most random of stuff. Every slapdash thought that passed her teenaged mind was our topic of the moment. She also shared whatever is the latest chika, and I got so shocked with what some people her age are actually doing that it made my headache worse... doubly worse dahil sa gulat.

Having fun on Snapchat! Taken during a recent Satur-date with my girls

*    *    *

There are numerous times in this parenting journey that even I find myself amazed at the extent of what my kids share with me. I feel so privileged that they would allow me entry into their world. Especially since I know that most parents can't even get any kwentos out from their kids.

They might not share EVERYTHING with me, but for them to allow me to even have one foot inside their world MEANS EVERYTHING to me.

Sometimes, I ask myself, is this openness a product of my purposeful parenting? How I brought them up?

Or is it just something fortuitous? Brought about by the good fortune of me being there at the right time when they want to open up?

No one knows, right? And I don't really care to know atm. I'm content with the relationship that we have right now.
*    *    *

Talking about sharing, I realized that my daughters also look to me for help to choose which products to use for their changing bodies. There are a lot of products out there, and of course I taught them the importance of reading the back label so they could make informed choices about the right products for their specific needs.

Just recently, I shared with them some of the products I have tried early this year to help them along.

Then, I realized, that I should share them with all of you so we can all make better and informed shopping choices.

pH Care

My fave among the new variants of pH Care

Most women believe that washing their feminine area with soap is good enough. But what they don’t know is that while most soaps are formulated with chemicals that cleanse the body, it may be too harsh for the delicate nature of the feminine area.

pH Care has 9 different variants; pH Care Cool Wind, pH Care Passionate Bloom, pH Care Naturals Guava, pH Care Naturals Papaya, pH Care Fresh Blossoms, pH Care Fragrance Free, pH Care Happy Daisies, pH Care Powder Fresh and pH Care Shower Splash. Each variant caters to different preferences of women – choices from floral scents or fresh out of the shower scents.

 Each pH Care bottle contains 7 intimate benefits: it is antibacterial, it cools and refreshes, it deodorizes, it is OB-gyne tested, it contains silky softeners, it’s hypo allergenic, and most importantly it has the right pH level of 5, perfectly matching that of the intimate area.

Sanicare Bidet

It's so convenient to maintain personal hygiene even when I am traveling. And in case we get stuck in traffic in the middle of a provincial road with no possible toilet in sight, I don't have to worry na din because I also have a portable urinal with us.

What I love about the Sanicare Portable Travel Bidet:
1. Small Enough to fit in my bag
2. Non-electrical which means years of trouble-free use
3. SUper helpful to women during menstruation and pregnancy
4. better hygiene on-the-go
5. Easy to Fill Bidet Bottle Using Desired Water Temp & Able to Use Anywhere Your Travels Take You

for more details:

Dove Deo

Ladies, let’s face it – we are beauty junkies, eagerly awaiting to try the latest skin and hair trends we see on our social media feeds, and on lifestyle websites. What we don’t realize is that there is another part of our body that’s often taken for granted but needs extra care and protection – our underarms. Even when we shave, pluck or wax them, we don’t always make sure they are cared for.

This year, Dove takes underarm care a step higher by launching their most skin-caring formula ever:

For care and protection, Dove Original deodorant is front and center. It contains Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to deliver gentle care, and to repair your underarm skin. Enriched with Vitamins E and F, it is specially formulated to take care of skin that’s constantly exposed to shaving, and waxing, giving you lighter, smoother underarms.

Stubborn dark spots? Dove Ultimate White is the ultimate solution. Made with face care serum ingredients like Omega 6 and hydrating glycerol, Dove Ultimate White lightens underarm skin from within, for ultimately beautiful underarms.

Armpit skin sensitivity is a common issue among women. To combat skin irritation, Dove introduces its new variant, Dove Sensitive. Created especially for sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic and fragrance-free product is also made with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream, and has no alcohol or colorants. It’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, and is made to nourish and calm the skin.


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