Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hygiene Essentials from Sanicare

Being a mom to three kids, one of the things I always remind them is the importance of good hygiene. It is, after all, a major part of staying healthy. I don't want them getting sick because I get so stressed worrying about them.

But apart from wanting to avoid the stress I get when the kids are sick, being clean and looking neat also contributes a great part in their confidence. I am sure no one wants to be made fun off because they have body odor, smelly feet, bad breath or look unkempt.

One of the most important things I can do as a mom, aside from the reminders that I give, is to provide them with the right hygiene products.

My personal choice when it comes to hygiene is Sanicare. I have relied on Sanicare for my family's hygiene needs for many years. I love the brand because its tissues are made from 100% virgin pulp, which means less toxic chemicals that touch my family's skin. I can rest assured that it is safe for my family's use.
Sanicare Tissues and wipes are made from 100% virgin pulp and has a soft, cloth like texture.

Sanicare is not just for personal hygiene as I use their products in the kitchen, too. You all know that I do a lot of cooking, and Sanicare's kitchen towels are the best for catching oil drippings from food because it is super absorbent, but most importantly, I am sure that it is made from 100% virgin pulp with no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine which may cause cancer.

Think about this: We only just think about how tissue absorbs the oil from food, but the chemicals from the tissue can also transfer to our food. That is the reason why I make sure that I only use kitchen towels made from 100% virgin pulp.
Sanicare Kitchen Towels come in jumbo and regular sizes. 
It has moisture-locking technology that makes it super absobent.

Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle 
I was recently invited to attend the Sanicare Hygiene Care Circle event where they introduced their first ever brand ambassador, host and mom, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal.
Biance is the perfect choice to represent the brand because she represents the moms of today - independent and hardworking but her priority is always caring for her family.

I had so much fun during the event because aside from getting a first-hand Sanicare hygiene experience, it was also a chance for me to catch-up with some of my mommy friends, most of whom I haven't seen for months.

Our smiles are so evident especially after coming up first in a fun Q&A game with Bianca about hygiene knowledge.

While I am already familiar with most of Sanicare's products, I was super excited to discover new and innovative products from the different Sanicare lines.

The Sanicare Toilet Seat Cover is  useful in public toilets, especially to protect my girls form the germs that may be resting in the toilet seat. This disposable toilet seat cover creates a protective barrier, reducing the passing of germs, bacteria and viruses. 

Sanicare Baby Underpads are the best thing ever for moms with kids still in diapers! How I wish Sanicare had it when my kids were still babies.  These disposable underpads are a changing table and diaper bag essential, perfect for diaper changes when you're on the go!  

But you know what, even if I don't have diaper-wearing babies anymore, I'll let you in on how we use this underpad: my girls discovered that they can also this on their heavy menstrual days as extra-protection against night-time period stains. You know how it is sometimes even when we are using an overnight menstrual pad already, but accidents happen and we leak the bed? No problem with this one! It offers the best overnight period protection for a stain-free mattress. Promise! Try it!
Sanicare Disposable Baby Underpads is made of a special mixture of absorbent powder and pulp that quickly converts liquid to gel droplets. This keep the surface dry and minimizes any odor. It also has a leak proof barrier to contain all the mess.

These pads are made with 5 layers.Top Layer: Made of super soft non-woven material which allows moisture to quickly pass. Second Layer: Made of tissue paper. Third Layer: Made of a special mixture of absorbent powder and pulp that quickly converts liquid to gel droplets. This keeps the surface dry and minimize any odor. Fourth Layer: Made of tissue paper. Fifth Layer: Made of PE plastic backing which helps prevent leakage and protects the surface beneath the pad USP: Perfectly designed for baby – super absorbent pad, has leak proof barrier, with cute prints.

They also made a super sized version of the Sanicare Jumbo Cotton balls and Sanicare Large Cotton Buds for more area coverage in one swipe.

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