Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Weekend Footnotes: Toast Asian Kitchen

I met up with my friends, Michelle and Rowena a few weeks ago to have lunch at Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room. I love exchanging stories with other moms of teens because I always get something out of it, if not a lesson, then surely a laugh!

It was also my first time to visit Ayala the 30th. The mall is still new, but I like that it's spacious and not so populated with shoppers, yet. I'll have to bring my family with me one of these Sundays.

Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room has a new menu, and so the three of us agreed to meet up to try their new dishes.

Toast has a nice area outside, where I can imagine it would be a nice area to have drinks with some friends at night. Their tasting room offers a lot of craft liquors and high quality wines. You can view their selection here.

But what we really came there for was the food. so let me share with you what we had.
Krazy Kani Salad P365.  Kani tempura mounted over a bed of lettuce, cucumbers and mangoes dressed with bibim sauce and Japanese mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper Squid P339. Battered baby squid bits tossed in a 5-spice salt finished off with 
garlic, chilis and onions served with our chili sambal vinegar

Galbi Short Plate with Kimchi Fried Rice P549. Tender marbled beef cooked on the grill, paired 
with kimchi rice and sous vide egg

Kung Pao Chicken P375. A different take on Kung Pao using Korean ingredients to bring that balance of spice and saltiness to every bite - not what you get from your favorite Chinese restaurant

Steak Oroshi P699. Tenderloin marked on the grill and finished off with grated radish and ponzu - new way of having your steak fix

And for dessert, we had this Matcha Frozen Bravo. It's a sweet ending to a great meal.

We should lunch again soon, Rowena and Michelle!

*credits to Michelle Lim for the food photos

To know more about Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room:


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