Thursday, September 21, 2017

Importance of Taking Family Photos

Writing this post made me reminisce about our earlier trips. Napa-punta tuloy ako sa 2015 album ko.

Look at how fast my kids grew.

This photo was taken summer of 2015. Ang liit pa ni fave son jan.

Taken during August 2017. 
In a span of 2 years, fave son towers over me na.

Since my entire family was together for that trip, we took the opportunity na din to have a family photo.
family photo in 2015

wacky shot daw

Here's the family photo taken in 2017.

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Ang saya tingnan ng family photos ano? The warm feeling I get when viewing old family photos reaffirms my decision that taking family photos at every moment is a must-do for every mom. Time flies by so quickly and photos are one way to treasure and preserve lovely and happy memories.

Look at the photo below. The kids are tiny (sigh!). It brings back so many wonderful emotions. I can still remember like it was yesterday how I asked the kids to look straight at the camera, while C and I looked at each other. I remember the kids couldn't stand still becasue they wanted to run around and explore the place na.
Taken in 2010

Three years after the original shot, we were back at the same exact place. At take note, suot ko ang same pair of shorts! O di ba! hahaha! It's a little bit tight, but kasya pa din. Pero ngayon 2017, ni-retire ko na yung shorts because it won't go way up past my thighs. Sad!

Taken in 2013. See, In a span of 3 years, my oldest have grown taller than me already!

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