Monday, December 11, 2017

Shopping at Banila Co

One of the challenges of parenting teens is how to make our teens open up to us, di ba? I have friends who tell me it takes so much prodding to get a kwento out of their teens. When I hear that, I feel extremely lucky that my 2 girls like to (over)share their thoughts with me. Yan yung natural na sa kanila. I love parenting my teens talaga, and I share all the reasons why here!

But for me, more than having them open up to me, I want to be able to have a meaningful influence in their lives. Yung tipong, they will instinctively come to me for advice before they make a major decision. That's why I'm working on being consistently and intimately involved in their worlds, that's the only way to make sure they will actively involve me in theirs.

On my part, I try my best to be a good listener para they will feel comfortable sharing what's going on in their lives with me if they know I won't judge them right away. The key word is right away. I take time to listen first before I weigh in, kahit na mahirap gawin minsan.

I share more about my realizations on how to be a good by-stander in my teens' lives here.

Both of my girls are at the age where they are interested in skin care and make-up, my older daughter more than the younger one. As with any interest we have in common, time spent buying beauty products and doing our skincare routines is as much about bonding as it is a teaching opportunity.

Whether we are getting a mani/pedi together or applying our face masks together, or shopping together, anytime spent with my daughters is special to me. 

Because of K-Pop, my girls are big followers of all things Korean, and that includes make-up and skincare brands. One of our favorite things to do is to go through online beauty sites, and search for the top beauty picks, which is how we came to know about Banila Co, one of Korea's top skincare and make-up brands. 

Banila Co is all about getting down to the basics in achieving the perfect base. The brand focuses on helping us find the perfect skincare items for beautifully flawless skin, ready to be enhanced by make-up.

When we heard that Banila Co has recently added more range to their skin care, we decided to give the nearest store a visit. They now have lines to cater to different kinds of skin: acne-prone, anti-aging and brightening, in addition to their regular line. What's more they are now priced more competitively than ever!

Sharing our some of our fave Banila Co finds here:

1. Clean It Zero

Have you ever heard of the popular Korean beauty 10-step beauty regimen? First step is cleaning the face with an oil based cleanser? Well, ito yun! Banila Co's Clean It Zero. Clean It Zero is a cleansing balm is the first step in removing oil-based products such as makeup and sunscreen. Finish off cleansing with a daily foam cleanser to whisk away any remaining dirt on your face.

According to their website: "This award-winning make-up cleanser comes in a balm form which eventually turns into oil upon application. As it dissolves, it also melts all your make-up away and by all, we mean EVERYTHING. From stubborn mascaras to waterproof lip products, Clean It Zero will definitely leave zero trace of make-up behind. Did we mention that it's not greasy and not messy to use? Each tub also includes a spatula for hygienic purposes. It's perfectly convenient to use even when traveling and a guaranteed investment since you won't be needing a lot to completely remove your make-up."

Removing make-up can be really exhausting and time-consuming, but not with Clean It Zero a.k.a. Korea's best-selling make-up cleanser!

2. Prime Primer
Everyday primer for uneven skin tone and texture. It blurs the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.  The sebum control version absorbs shine and prevents makeup from sliding off.
Beauty insiders say that this is the No. 1 primer and ranked first in 4 categories: pore coverage, texture, natural-looking, and longevity

3. Limited Edition Holiday kits
They have a lot of holiday deals, so in case you are still waiting to check some names off your list, you might want to visit them. Store locations are listed here. If you are scared of the holiday rush, they are also online at: BeautyMNL, Zalora, Lazada, Shopee.

These sets are a good deal, and jsut the right price points for my daughter's gifting budget so my she bought several to give to her best friends as Christmas gifts

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