Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Son's Pasalubong

My son got back from his out-of-the-country school trip last Sunday night. We picked him up in school at 1030 in the evening.

The first order of business was a quick stop at Burger King. He was so hungry daw.

When we got home, he was excited to give out his pasalubongs. he laid out his maleta and proceeded to show us everything that he bought.

He told us that at one point during their trip, the group was brought to a store selling tea leaves. The boys were made to sample the different kinds of tea and the different therapeutic benefits were explained to them. He purchased 4 different kinds for pasalubong.

He prepared everything he bought because we were going to my parents house for a double celebration: my mom's birthday and a welcome back party for him.

And then, I noticed he didn't hand over anything for me yet!!!

Hahaha! Annoying! 🤣😂😖

His dad and him couldn't stop laughing. They made it into a joke how I collect hotel stuff. Let me clarify I am not a hoarder. I actually bring those home because that's what I let the kids bring whenever they have swim meets.

They have big-sized bottloes of toiletries stored in their locker in the club for daily training. But whenever there are meets, it's usually hosted by other clubs, so I don't want them carrying around bottles that are so big. First, ang bigat ng mga bote na malalaki. Second, if they forget them in the bathroom, we can't recover them anymore since we are just visiting. In other words, sayang sa pera kung naiwan nila. Hahahaha!

But he did claim to buy me canned goods that are really good. He knows that one of my fave pasalubongs is pantry items.
Pasalubong or no pasalubong, I am still so happy he's back home.

I'll share a more detailed post about his experience in the coming days.


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