Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Footnotes: Xavier Ball + A Lesson In Graciousness

This is the last weekend before summer break officially starts for my kids.

But for my graduating girl, she's technically done with school already and so her social calendar is booked solid with parties and hohols with friends. Her weekends are fully booked, so in effect this #tsupermama is also. Maybe it's also because a lot of her friends are turning 18 this year, so they are celebrating that, too!

The weekend that just passed by was no different, she attended a friend's birthday party on Friday, and then nung Saturday I helped her prepare for Xavier Ball. She was invited by the same guy who asked her for Xavier Prom so we kinda know him a bit more na.

The MUA started working on her 2pm, and was done by 430pm. It gave us a lot of time to take photos and just relax while waiting for her date to pick her up.

I still regret that we weren't able to take nice photos during her prom last year. She finished with her hair and make-up so late that by the time she was done, it was dark already. I only had my phonecam with me so all the photos were blurry na. For this year's ball, we decided it's better to start early.

J looked through IG to search for pegs to show her make-up artist. She wanted to highlight her eyes to draw attention away from her lips kase nako-conscious sya sa braces nya. I think her make-up artist did a good job naman. What do you think?

Ball outfits are less formal than prom gowns so she decided to wear RTW. Her dress was just right in all aspects: it followed the dress code imposed by her date's school; it was short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the essentials; and last, it didn't leave a dent in my wallet.

Aside from the usual corsage and bouquet of flowers, I really appreciate the fact that her date was thoughtful to bring homemade gluten-free banana bread baked by his mom. I appreciate that he took time to find out, and impressed that he actually remembered. If you've been a long-time reader, you are aware that my kids suffer from varying degrees of gluten intolerance.

*     *     *

Mommy brain is when you set your SATURDAY alarm when your son tells you he has SUNDAY training. #mombrain

God just showed me an example of graciousness today. How to be slow to anger and abounding in understanding and loving kindness.

Because I know if tables were turned, I would've easily called him out for the mistake.

He is preparing for a meet in the next few weeks, which he considers to be important. He's been training hard for it. But when he woke up and found me still sleeping, because of the alarm fail, he let me sleep in. It means daw I'm tired. Awww!

Fave son is truly a blessing.