Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Funky Summer with Funkita and Funky Trunks

Yesterday, R shared that on the way home from swim training, he was keeping track na in his head the schoolwork that needs to be done when he gets home. Then he broke into a smile as he realized that school's done! Wala nang homework! Hahaha! YAY!

Now he can focus on swimming dahil summer na!

I have water babies! Instead of asking me to buy new summer outfits, the kids request for new swimsuits or swim gear.

But for us moms, di ba pag summer na, parang yearly na talaga na may shopping every start of the summer? Whether we have competitive swimmers or leisure swimmers, we all need to need to replenish our family's water gears, from swimsuits to goggles or maybe even rash guards. Maybe that's because we live in a tropical country that is home to numerous beaches that are all just a car trip away.

My son just got his new Funky Trunks goggles. He's been loving his new goggles because the bright colors really hypes him up. He's got that Funky Trunks colorful vibe from his goggles down to his trunks.
The Funky Trunks Speed Racer Goggle is designed primarily for performance while bringing 
color to any swimmer's training kit. 

"The Stealth Machine Mirrored goggles is the perfect racing goggle for competitive swimmers. Designed to mould comfortable over the eyes with a streamlined low profile design which reduces water resistance and increases peripheral vision."

It comes with: four easy-to-attach interchangeable nose pieces for the perfect fit, two colored silicone head straps, and a mesh carrying pouch.

Staying true to Funky Trunks bright style it comes with two interchangeable colored head straps ensuring that training kit is never dull.

I asked my son why he loves his Funky Trunks goggles. Here's what he said:
1. The goggles feel as good as they look. The soft eye seal ensures a comfortable and water-tight fit.
2. The internal anti-fog means that his vision underwater is always clear.
3. The mirrored lenses reduce the amount of light coming in – making them ideal for outdoor swimming this summer
4. The headband is easily adjustable and comfortable. His hair doesn't get tangled in the straps.
5. The bright colors makes training fun.

This design is what my son has

Here are the other designs available:

*     *     *

Even for my second daughter, B, who only swims during summer, swimsuit din ang fave summer purchase nya.

As I am writing this, she's choosing online what swimsuit to get for this summer. The nice thing about Funky Trunks and Funkita is that they continually release a fresh supply of vibrant colors and prints each season. If you want to shop online for Funky Trunks and Funkita you can do so here.

At first, the kids were just attracted to the funky and unique designs. Later on, we noticed that even if the suits get used very frequently, the colors remain bright and the suit retains its elasticity. That's because they are designed for continual use in chlorinated water. Value for money talaga.

Here's their latest from the Speed Stroke collection:


To know more about Funky Trunks and Funkita Swimwear (Neptune Actives):


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