Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Shopwise Now on honestbee

Grocery shopping is enjoyable for me when I have the time to leisurely go around each of the aisle, perusing each new item on the shelves.

But let's be honest, I seldom have the luxury of time to do that. Most often, it's a quick dash to grab all the pantry essentials so I can move along to the next errand. If you count driving to the grocery, looking for a parking spot, and then queueing for the cashier, grocery shopping is one chore that takes up a lot of time especially with the traffic situation lately.

I'm just so happy to know that Shopwise is one of the newest merchants to join honestbee, my fave online grocery concierge service.  Busy moms everywhere are now given more choices for their online grocery shopping, especially if they are looking for more affordable options for their daily essentials
Shopwise is one of my fave groceries because their shelves offer a lot of options that are essential to my everyday. Aside from that, prices are also reasonable.

honestbee can now bring you everything you need for the holiday, from your party essentials, Christmas gifts, and different ingredients to fill your dinner table with delicious meals. Choose from Shopwise’s wide selection of groceries, clothes, toys, and home essentials that will go easy on your budget. These include notable brands such as Papa Alfredo, Sunharvest, SnapMax and Southdale Farm, and also quality affordable wines from French Cellar, Wine Makers Reserve, and Red Peak to complete you holiday dinners.

I've ordered several times from honestbee already, and I'm happy with the service that I've gotten from my personal shoppers and delivery guys. They shopper bees are very thorough and would even text me to ask for my preferred replacement if the item on my list is out of stock. The delivery bees are just as efficient with their on-time delivery.

 So don’t think about all that Christmas stress because honestbee has got you covered! Enjoy your holiday with all the affordable products you need from Shopwise sent straight to your doorstep.

To help me get through this jampacked season, I will surely be counting on my fave bees at honestbee to have all of my Christmas essentials from Shopwise delivered right to my door!

Download the honestbee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an account now. For more information, visit www.honestbee.ph.

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