Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spatzle Euro Market Cafe

The East Wing of Shangri-la Mall has been getting busier in the last few weeks, with more dining and shopping options opening up. One of the recent additions to this wing, is the Spatzle Euro Market Cafe.

Spätzle (pronounced: shpet-sluh) is the German's version of the Italian pasta. Spätzle are a traditional German dumpling or noodle that is first boiled in water or broth then pan fried in butter and served as a side dish.

It is obvious from the restaurant's interiors, logo, and even the condiments holder that a lot of thought have been put into the design process.  The restaurant is located in a corner spot on the 5th level,  where the new east wing and the old wing meet. 

 I love the look of this table, where all the cutlery and other table essentials are kept.

Even the cutlery stand blends in with the design concept.

 A thoughtful addition of hand saniter spray for every table.

We were served a small bowl of chips while waiting for our orders to arrive.

We decided to order the Tarte Flambe Provence (P295) for appetizer.  It is  a thin dough topped with mixed salad greens, roasted mushrooms, cucumbers, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.  I personally did not find it impressive, and not even the feta cheese could save it.

C ordered the Potato and Mushroom Chowder (P220). It is a chunky soup that blended small babay potatoes with seasonal mushrooms resulting in a bowl that is full of earthy flavors.

The Spatz House Salad (P180) combines mixed greens with cheese spatzle, green apples and grilled sausages in honey-orange dressing.

Pork Schnitzel on Spatzle(P330), crisp, punded pork loin on a bed of spatzle served with sauerkraut.

Spatz Fried Chicken with Paprika Gravy (P315) is breaded chicken served on top of a bed fries. I thought the breading was too thick, but my kids loved it.

Spatzle Gnocchi Vongole wasn't on the standard menu, but was highlighted on their special menu board. Vongole has that special place in my tummy, so I decided to give it a try.  While not bad, it definitely could improve some more.

Grilled Sausage Roesti is served with Sunny Side Eggs (P320) Roesti is a traditional Swiss dish of fried grated potatoes, a little like a hash browns.  This is the li'l man's order, which he didn't finish.  I thought he just didn't like the roesti, but turns out he didn't like the sausage, as well (which is saying a lot because this guy lives for sausages!).  

Homemade Italian Meatballs (P298) served on top of roesti with marinara sauce.  This is the Phenomenal Papa's order, and he said it was good.  The meatballs are huge and tasty.

They also have a kiddie menu, but my kids don't have kiddie appetites anymore.:)

We also tried their flavored water, which was nicely presented in a mason jar.  It had hints of dalandan, cucumber and mint.  I regularly serve flavored water at home, and you can view my DIY post on how to make your own flavored water here.

Spatzle just opened, and the kitchen is clearly overwhelmed with the number of diners. Although we were not impressed with the food during our visit, we are still willing come back at a later date to see if the kitchen is able to transition and adjust.

Spätzle Euro Market Café
5th floor, East Wing
Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.