Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Nail Room

A few hours at the spa is always a good way to de-stress. But even if I know that, I do not really find time for it.  I keep arguing with myself that my days are filled with a hundred things that I need to do for my family, so the pampering can wait.  But when some of the SoMoms were invited for an afternoon of pampering at The Nail Room, I immediately said yes.
Cai from Apples & Dumplings, Jackie of Go Jackie Go, Michelle of My Mom-Friday, ME, Jay of Nail Room And Nuat Thai- Libis.  Photo from My Mom-Friday. 

There were some last minute changes in my kids' dismissal schedules that would seem like a threat to my attendance to this event, but fortunately for me I was able to sort things out and everything was good to go.  Unfortunate for my li'l man as his early dismissal meant he had no choice but to tag along with me.:)  He had no idea what and where my event was, but when he saw the signage, I could hear him say under his breath, "you've got to be kidding me!" hahaha!

The Nail Room is located in Libis, right beside Nuat Thai and across Shopwise.  The Nail Room and Nuat Thai-Libis have the same owners.  It makes so much sense to have them both beside each other, because right after you have that body massage, why not scoot over and have your nails done,too! 

The place is tastefully decorated in feminine shades of pink and purple. I appreciate that the place has an intimate seating capacity so this makes sure that the tranquility is always maintained.  They can only seat a maximum of 8, so the place feels really intimate, and very conducive for relaxing.
source:  My Mom-Friday
I also like that they have individual sinks for rinsing at the foot of each seat.

As I've mentioned above, mommy duties made me a bit late that when I got there my fellow SoMoms were all settled in and in the middle of their pampering session.  To catch up, I did double duty of eating while getting my feet cleaned and massaged. The Nail Room set up a small buffet area for us which made our mommy sparty even more wonderful! 
The mani-pedi spa costs only P680 (spa-manicure-P300, spa-pedicure-P380).  And if you are in a hurry, you can also just do the express manicure (P160) or express pedicure (P180).  They also offer mani-pedi for kids below 12 at a super affordable rate, mini-manicure, P120; mini-pedicure P150.

They only use imported nail polish, and also offer Chanel nail polish at an extra rate of P100 only.
I will be back very soon!