Thursday, September 26, 2013

Valor Chocolates: Spain's Leading Chocolate Brand Now in the Philippines

I love eating chocolates! I usually sneak in a bite at night, right after I am done with tutor duties, while C and I are watching a recording of our favorite TV shows. I make sure to get the ones that are mini-sized, so I can limit the temptation.:) Bad, bad practice, I know - eating chocolates at night, because you know what they say: one moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Haha! But I feel like I deserve a little treat at the end of the day.:)

But there’s good news for everyone who count chocolates as one of their guilty indulgences! We don't have to feel all that bad about eating our chocolates becasue Spain’s market leader, Valor Chocolates, is now on our shores.  And not only did Valor Chocolates bring with them their distinctly flavoured chocolate bars, they are also introducing their new range of Valor sugar-free chocolate bars which are sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America. 

If you look closely at most of the imported chocolates being sold in the market, you will find that almost all are brought to us by the Composite Group of Companies. They are the same company that is now bringing in Valor Chocolates.

One of the people behind this company is my friend, Ting. Our husbands went to school together, and our daughters used to belong to the school's soccer varsity before my girls made the shift to swimming.  So when she invited me to try out their newest line, I couldn't say no.  After all, a room-full of chocolates is too hard to resist!:)
Here are the people behind Valor Chocolates-Spain office, Composite Group of Companies, and event host, Ria Trillo.

During the media launch at the Crowne Plaza over a buffet lunch, we were treated to a dizzying selection of premium chocolates.  
Another significant innovation is the Philippine launch of Valor Hazelnut Spread that comes in regular and sugar free variants.  The bread shown below is a delectable treat to diabetics or those on a diet.  Breads made with Valor Hazelnut Spread.
Cakes made from Valor Chocolates
I brought my daughter along with me since I had to take her to a kiddie party right after.  She had a blast eating all the chocolates laid out in front of her!!!

I am usually cautious when I see the words "sugar-free", but Valor Chocolates are safe because stevia is a natural sweetener which comes from the dried leaves of the stevia plant. It is an excellent natural alternative to sugar. It has no calories, has none of the side effects or health risks of an artificial sweetener like aspartame.

The sugar-free bars come in a broad range that is ideal for chocolate lovers who are watching their figures or need to control their sugar intake. They retain all the flavor and pleasure of the brand's chocolate—without the sugar. They also come in an unbelievable array of sugar-free offerings: Dark; 70% Dark; Dark with Whole Marcona Almonds; Dark with Whole Hazelnuts; Dark with Chocolate Mousse Truffle; Milk Chocolate; Milk Chocolate with Whole Marcona Almonds; Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts; Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Truffle Filling.

Now, I don't have to feel so guilty having chocolates as midnight snack anymore!:)