Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's In My Cart: Hi-Top Supermart

I have already mentioned before that I rotate the grocery stores I frequent, with no recognized pattern.  It might seem complicated to some, but I love doing this because I discover new grocery items this way.  

One of the groceries I frequent is Hi-Top Supermarket.  What I like about Hi-Top is that it is just the right size for me to navigate easily.  It is not too big that grocery-shopping takes forever, but it is still big enough that everything I need is available.  The prices of most of the items here are low compared to others.  There is also a wide selection of imported items. 

There is also a small area for “specials;" items which are over-stocked or near expiry, and selling at a discounted price.  I always scour through this pile first before I start doing my grocery shopping.  I have managed to get good deals every now and then. 

It also has a good refund policy, which is so convenient on the rare occasions that I ask the husband to pass by to buy something, and he ends up buying the wrong brand or the wrong bottle size.  

Another factor that adds to the lure is also the presence of my favorite kakanin store tucked in a corner.  I love their suman sa latik and sapin-sapin.  One of the best in the metro!

Here are some of the grocery finds that that filled up my cart recently:

Purefoods Bacon Crumble.  (Please don't judge me!) Although we are not frequent consumers of bacon, there are dishes that just doesn't seem right without bacon in it.  Baked potato, minestrone, potato salad... it's a looong list, actually! heeheehee! It makes sense to buy them "crumbled" since I usually use the bacon as topping bits anyway.  I failed to get the price, but I think it sells for about less than P100.00, which is way cheaper than the smallest sized whole strips of bacons which sells for around P270.

VALOR Sugar-Free Chocolates.  I also stock-up on Valor Milk Chocolates with Almonds whenever I am here.  I love the combination of chocolates and nuts, and the generous amount of whole almonds in VALOR makes me happy... very happy. :)

I have long wondered where I can get wooden utensils locally.  It is good to know that it is just conveniently available in the grocery.  I just added washi tape around it, and it is the perfect scooper for the ice-cream on a cookie cup I gave the kids!

It is also a convenience that I can buy cute cupcake liners while doing my grocery.  I use to schedule a trip to Chocolate Lovers to refill my baking pantry, but now that these pretty cupcake liners are here, that is one more item to cross off from my baking list.

How about you?  Any new grocery discoveries?