Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Footnotes

Another new week is upon us?  Do you also have the same feeling that the summer days are passing by so quickly.  Blink and the next thing we know, summer's over!  I am enjoying summer's easy sked so much I want it to never end. hahaha!:)

Last weekend I was running my own marathon - in the kitchen! hahaha!  I made zucchini lasagna, and it was so good that my carniverous kids forgot it was meatless, too.   I will be sharing the recipe in a few days, for sure within the week so you can give it a try for Holy Week.  This noodle-less and meat-less lasagna taste just like the real thing, thanks to the Perfect Italiano cheese!

This family loves cheese! When Perfect Italiano sent over some of their products for us to sample, it is only expected that the kitchen is the busiest place in the house!

J was also busy with her own kitchen project, she made her own version of cheese cupcake, which everyone in the family loved!  Keep posted as I share her recipe in a future post.

After all the cooking that J and I did, we both enjoyed our light lunch of salad greens, zucchini lasagna and some toast.  We had some of her cheese cupcakes for dessert, of course.:)

After my kitchen duties, I bravely took on the EDSA traffic to attend the dedication of my friend's son.  C can't make it because of work which piled up when we went on our vacation so he had a lot of catching up to do in the office.  Which means I also cannot borrow his driver.  Boohoo!

I cannot even imagine myself taking on EDSA! On a Saturday!! During rush hour!!!  Traffic was a mess and super slow-moving. Seems to me I drove so long that I would've reached Clark if I drove the opposite direction. exag! hahaha!

I got to Rockwell just in time - still got a few minutes to mingle with the other guests, and meet some new friends.  There were bow-ties and little man's mustache everywhere!  Such a cute party theme!  Kudos to the creative mama who planned the party.
I love the cupcake ferris wheel over at the candy bar filled with KinderBueno egg chocolates and other sugary sweets!  The dessert buffet station was also filled with such yummy pastries and a selection of TWG tea.
Here is the glam hostess with her growing brood of handsome little men - all in bow-ties, of course!.  We've been planning to go out for our nail-spa date for some time now, but my busy sked with the kids keeps on getting in the way. So grateful that this dedication also served as a chance to catch-up with this girl who is one of my truest friends, with over 25 years of friendship and counting.
As a side note, can it really be fair that anyone be this skinny one year after giving birth?