Friday, September 5, 2014

Grendha's Zaxy Collection

Our home has a lot of windows, allowing natural light in during the day. This is how I like to go about my day, with sunlight following my every step. From the moment I put my feet down on the bedroom floor upon waking up, to the walk down to the kitchen.  It follows me as I prepare breakfast and lunch baon in the kitchen, and most of all while C and I are enjoying our daily breakfast date at home.  Even when I work on the blog and answer my mails, the warm rays of light from the sun are my constant companion. Parang nasa beach lang palagi.:)

That is why I always dread the onset of the rainy season. An overcast day makes me feel uninspired and lazy,  parang it takes more energy to do things.  Do you feel that also? I also dislike the earthy smell after it just rained, and the flood that always seem to follow the rain. Did you notice that lately it seems to flood after it rains? Parang there's a puddle everywhere I step.  I hate that, especially when I am wearing my leather shoes.

If like me, you hate getting your leather shoes wet during the rainy days that are now upon us, then it's time for all of us to rejoice! Grendha launches its collection perfect for the rainy days. The best and most stylish way to look and feel pretty amidst the bad weather.  The sophisticated design and quality materials makes the perfect footwear for the rainy days.

Sometimes, it's tempting to wear my Ipanema flip-flops everyday, but there are days when I have to attend an event or meet-up with friends, and flip-flops just won't do. The Grendha Acai Print (P1,495) in red instantly caught me eye.  It's perfect for me.  The comfort of flip-flops, but dressed up in one of my favorite color.

The Grendha Conquista (P1,695) is another item I like. I appreciate the added texture the animal patterns provide on the straps and sole.

I can see myself pairing this Grenda Zaxy Garden (P1,795) with a simple knee-length black dress and the red bag which C gave me (which is so big it also doubles as a maleta. haha!)

The Grendha Zaxy Sundalia (P1,795) is another pair that caught me eye.  By now, you must have noticed that I am really partial to flats. After almost a decade of always running after toddlers, I think I have come to realize that flats are the best way to really walk around in comfort.

The Grendha Zaxy Pop Star Queen (P2,595) deserves to be the last so that it can truly live up to its diva-ness. teehee!:) This is one pair that will surely let you walk tall and fashionable, not even the rain can put a damper on you when you wear this!

There are a lot more styles and colors to choose from, all of them made of materials which are 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber! The choice of colors and prints give each product a unique personality suitable for those who want to be stylish, even during the rainy days!

Grendha is available in Bambu Stores and all leading Boutiques and Department Stores nationwide.
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