Monday, September 8, 2014

{ What's In My Cart? } DEC

I haven't done a grocery post for quite some time now, but it doesn't mean to say I don't do the groceries anymore. :)  It's just that I haven't found interesting items to share with you lately.

A few weeks ago as I was coming from an event, I decided to drop by DEC in Greenhills to buy after-school merienda for the kids. I bought the puto and chicken pie becasue I know my kids love those. Since I haven't been to DEC in months, I decided to just make a quick run-around of the store. So many yummy treats in the store:

Here are photos of what I found interesting:

The puto of DEC has been the family's fave for almost a decade now

The same can be said of their chicken pie... fave!

Since Mooncake season will soon be upon us... I love lotus with egg yolk

I am happy that I finally found a store selling Old Town Milk Tea. This is the best instant milk tea I have ever tasted!!! I discovered this brand when I went to Singapore a few years ago.  We stocked up on it, and I am happy to discover that I can now buy this at DEC.

If you still haven't gotten over the green tea variant of KitKat...

Because my family has a sweet tooth:

OREOS in so many flavors! That Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is calling out to someone!

CHIPS AHOY lined up in such a sinister and tempting manner!

203 Wilson Street, San Juan, Metro Manila