Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Footnotes: A Wedding at Mango Farm

It's been such a long time since someone has gotten married in the family. So when we learned that our younger cousin is getting married, everyone looked forward to a reason for the extended family to get-together.

There's always something specially intoxicating about a romantic and enchanting garden wedding. Notwithstanding the summer heat, I think almost everyone present at the Mango Farm reception will agree that the lovely and ethereal set-up did wonders to the heart.

There was a lot of crying, emotional speeches from both sides, drinking and dancing. The brother of the groom shifted to being a party DJ, and went over to the booth "played his set."  But of course, we left the dancing to the younger set, because it was way past our curfew already. teehee!

Enjoy the sweetest details captured by my camera that day.

 Notice the 4 cute and standout messages we all commissioned my J to doodle for us. She really has an artisitic bent which I think she should enhance some more.

The cute and adorable flower girls who also gave a song number for their Auntie Kat

The wedding cake was elegant in its simplicity

The venue was so beautiful that my photos fail to do justice. I later learned that my cousin got the same stylist, Badang Rueda, who did the wedding of Heart & Chiz.  I don't know how much they paid for the venue styling, but it is worth all the money they paid.  So enchantingly beautiful!

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and everytime I see one, it brings me back to my own wedding day. I got Robert Blancaflor to do the styling for my wedding, and one of the things I remember asking from him was to decorate the ballroom with blue, pink and purple hydrangeas and pink roses.

Here are my beautiful and handsome younger cousins 

Cocktails were served while we waited for the wedding program to start.  Aside from the hors d'oeuvres, there was also a snack buffet bar set-up on one side of the venue complete with trail mix, pretzels and cupcakes.

Everyone in my immediate family rode in one van and we went straight to the venue right after the mass. Since we were there early and I saw this huge room with waiters going in and out, naturally this home-chef cannot control herself. I wanted to witness for myself how caterers prepare food for events. You might find me weird, but I found this to be very interesting that I stayed inside for quite a while. To be honest, I wanted to join them in the action. 

My 2 best girls and I

Before we entered, each one of us were given a fan and a bottle of mosquito repellent which we sprayed generously on the table linens.
 Photography: Jason Magbanua. View here for body of work and rates
Event Styling and Decor: Badang Rueda
Catering: K by Cunanan

The couple’s pre-wedding shoot by ProudRad was so well-executed that I wish this kind of photo shoot were available to me more than 15 years ago. I am seriously having some photo-envy. Take a look yourself and see what I mean!

The groom is into off-roading and that is his own 4x4 off-road vehicle used in the shoot.

The beautiful bride

Pre-nup shoot by ProudRad. View here for body of work and rates
Styling by Badang Rueda