Friday, July 17, 2015

Brotzeit KinderKoche

Since I am in the kitchen most of the time, my kids gravitate towards the kitchen, too. They love to join me, most especially when they know that I am baking something sweet. They want dibs on the yummy home-baked treats!

Ever since they were old enough to handle holding the kitchen utensils on their own, I've let them join me... make a big mess in the kitchen. I think they knew how to hold a spatula even before they learned how to write with a pencil. teehee!

One of their favorite things to help with me when they were younger was to help me bake 
and frost cupcakes. The photos above were taken way back in 2008. Ang tagal na!

These cupcakes were a product of that particular baking session. 
The butterfly wings are store-bought strawberry pretzels. 
The bug wings are the kids' fave Marie biscuits split in half and covered with frosting.

Anyhow, I'm glad that even if they are older, they still enjoy our time in the kitchen. Some just enjoy eating the food that comes out of the kitchen, while others share my interest in cooking. Among all my 3 kids, it's my li'l girl who shares my passion for cooking. She enjoys the process as much as eating the final product.

So when Brotzeit sent an invite for her to participate in a cooking session the last few days of summer, we said yes right away! She would've wanted to participate in the pretzel-making, but we had other commitments already and the only Saturday we had available was for the Apfelstrudel (German Apple Strudel)


Kinder Koche (German for little chef) is a summer cooking program project of Brotzeit Philippines, a Singaporean franchise of German restaurants all over Asia. This gastro-pub offering world-famous German beers on draft and authentic Bavarian Cuisine is located in Shangri-la Plaza Mall. 

Before you wonder why a gastropub would be holding cooking lessons for kids, it is because Brotzeit is actually a family-friendly restaurant that has a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The seats and tables are arranged to accommodate a family style gathering.

Brotzeit Culinary Director Chef Ivan Maminta was on hand to welcome us and he also patiently taught the the kids the step by step procedures.

 As you can see from the above photo, the ingredients are all prepared already, in individual containers, so the kids would not have a hard time with the measurements.

 Even if Chef Ivan was there to assist the kids, he made sure that the kids were 
independently preparing their own.

While B was waiting for her Apfelstrudel to come out of the oven, the staff taught her how to do a Cardinal Punch. Click on the video to see how easy it is!

When Chef Ivan took out the Apfelstrudel, the smell of cinnamon and butter filled the air... super heavenly. We enjoyed a few slices there, and got to take home the rest of what she baked.

When we got home, we had the apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream. Super good!

The afternoon course costs only P1,500 which includes all the ingredients, the kitchen tools, shirt and apron, recipe handouts, certificate of participation. Super worth the money!

They only offer the KinderKoche during summer, so make sure to check back on the social media accounts to get updates.

Brotzeit Philippines

Brotzeit offers world-famous imported German draft beers accompanied by authentic Bavarian cuisine in a chic and contemporary setting. When I went around the restaurant, and I saw these draft beers, I know this is a restaurant that I have to take C to. He loves draft beers, and I know he'll surely enjoy this.

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