Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Parenting Emporium

When I first got pregnant in 1999, I remember getting the book, What To Expect When You're Expecting. Back then, getting online was still through dial-up, and information was not really readily available to pregnant ladies who have a myriad of concerns and questions. When I gave birth, I then bought the book What To Expect The First Year. It became my go-to book for child safety and development.

Parents nowadays have it easier as almost everything is available online. But not really, because there's too much information available that it is quite hard to choose which information to listen to anymore. 

It's a good thing that parents nowadays have The Parenting Emporium to help them out.

The Parenting Emporium is a social enterprise that has only one aim — to help make the parenting journey easier for all the parents. The Parenting Emporium provides parents with a venue to discover and avail of premium baby and childcare brands, and to participate in educational modules, lectures, workshops, consultations, and other childcare support products and services that address every family’s concerns relating to pregnancy, health, nutrition, and education.

Maricel Cua, one of the partners of The Parenting Emporium, is also the Philippine distributor for the Medela brand of breastpumps. We met each other during the recent Expo Mom when our kids modeled alongside each other. Like me, she is also hands-on mom, and so I know that each of the brands they carry have been tested and have her seal of approval.

With Mafae Belasco of Belasco Unlimited; Maricel Cua one of the partners of 
The Parenting Emporium; and me.

I visited the place a few weeks ago when I was invited to its media launch, and saw for myself the range of brands they carry. It's literally a one-stop shop for discerning parents. 

Here are just some of the products that The Parenting Emporium  and trust with their own families, as well as the families of the community that has grown around them

So wonderful that there's a quinoa based baby cereal now, just in case there are babies who are diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Used to be that it was just wheat-based Cerelac that was available in the market. 

I also bumped into Em of Game Changers and fellow SoMoms Pam of Green Lunch Diaries

Do visit them to know more about the wonderful products and workshops they offer.

To know more about The Parenting Emporium