Thursday, July 23, 2015

Philippine Holidays 2015 + Wishlist: Pinatubo Day Tour

Grabe! My viber inbox was full yesterday from co-parents happily announcing that November 18 & 19 has been declared non-working holidays for us living in the NCR to give way to the Apec meeting.  Naturally, my kids are all so excited for it, too!

Ang daming holidays, ha! It's tempting to plan to go on a short trip to a local destination. A day trip or an overnight stay, perhaps?

On top of the ones listed above, we have another 2 days in November for R&R. Wahoo!

Ever since I attended my cousin's wedding, and saw her lovely pre-nup photos taken in Pinatubo early 2015, I just fell in love with the place. I want to visit with the kids and C.

Look at her photos and you will understand what I mean....

all three photos above are property of Kat Ang. Photos taken by: ProudRad

So wonderfully magnificent, right? It's a beautiful irony that the same scene that cause so much destruction can transform to this awesome panorama.  Such a good reminder of God's redemptive power. How He is able to deliver and restore.

*  *  *

The 1991 eruption of Pinatubo holds meaning for me, even if I wasn't directly affected by it. I still have my own story to share with my kids.

You see, my mom's side of the family hails from Pampanga. And I remember during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption back  June 1991, our house in Manila was like a refugee camp as my mom welcomed her relatives and friends to temporarily stay with us. The whole of Pampanga then was literally covered in dust, and everyone left town for fear of being buried alive by the burning ash.

More than 2 decades after Pinatubo last erupted, it is now a popular destination offering thrilling hikes and breathtaking views of its crater lake. 

image via ensogo

Anyhow, will be planning for the best time to visit Pinatubo. I've researched about it a bit, and found this site. Anyone been to Pinatubo? Would love to hear your stories and insights as I palnt our trip. Please do share in the comments section.:)

Wish me luck in planning!