Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Choosing The Right Postpaid Plan For My Teen: Globe MyStarter Plan

My second daughter turned thirteen earlier this year.

As expected, she has started to want to spend more time with her friends. Luckily for me, she has chosen her friends very well.

When they want to "hang," it is usually just in one of her friends' houses or the occasional birthday outings.

I'm thankful that at least I can get in touch through her phone even when she is out with friends.

at a Mad Science birthday party 

Her dad gave her a smartphone about a year ago, and I'm thankful now that he did even if I was not of the same opinion when he initially gave it. For safety reasons, I particularly want her to have the ability to contact me any time she needs to. Her mobile phone lets me keep in touch with her and provides for my peace of mind when she's out with friends.

cooking lessons with one of her best friends.

Their playdates are the most imaginative and creative... an afternoon tea party complete with dainty cups and saucers + handmade origami flowers.

Their annual Trick or Treating is a major production for my B and her friends.
DIY owl costume made by me, of course.

My teens use their mobile phones differently from my husband and me – for example, they use Facebook Messenger more than they voice call. They also use Snapchat to send pictures and videos. They play games, listen to music, keep up with social media and much more. So I know, my thirteen year old will want a plan that comes with a data allowance as well as text and call limits.

She currently has a pre-paid line, and unfortunately she always seem to end up with the credit running out, and her left with no way to contact me for the remainder of the period. The problem with a prepaid account is that it's hard to keep track of her load. There are times when she's out and she needs to get in touch with us, and she realizes that she can't contact us because she ran out of load.
I'm thinking of getting her a postpaid line so I'm always assured that she is able to contact me anytime. So I'm doing my research to check if there's any postpaid plan in the market right now that's just right for my 13 year old. Let's face it, I don't want to be the unhappy recipient of a huge monthly bill. Baka 3G forever lang ang peg! Scary ang monthly bill!

Good thing I found out that Globe is offering the MyStarter Postpaid Plan!

What I like about the Globe MyStarter Postpaid Plan
1. Budget-friendly. The Globe MyStarter Postpaid plans comes in Plan 300 and Plan 500, and also takes away any worries of going over the spending limit because of its guaranteed fixed bill every month. If your teen goes over the plan’s limit, then you can just easily put in prepaid load when needed. Parents don't need to worry about sky-high monthly bills.

2. You can retain your old prepaid number. For prepaid customers, one of the basic challenges when upgrading to a postpaid plan is to change your mobile number. Not anymore. Globe has made another game changing service by allowing prepaid customers to use their mobile numbers even as they move to a postpaid plan.
3. Supports the digital lifestyle of teens. Both plans also provide free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic. Plan 500 comes with unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, 300 texts to other networks and 200 MB of data. Plan 300, on the other hand, has 300 texts to all networks, 300 minutes to Globe and TM, and 200 MB worth of data.
Here's a side-by-side for an even better comparison of both plans, if you still can't make up your mind:

To learn more about what postpaid plan is best for you, visit, call 7301010, or visit a store nearest you.

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