Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every year, when my kids ask me what I want for Mother’s Day, I just say anything that they make with their own hands.

No. Wait. I first say obedience, I want their obedience. But since they are all teens already, I've shifted that request to self-discipline. I want them to practice self-discipline.

And then after that, I want a card. It’s true! That’s just really what I want! A handmade card with a heartfelt message.

For me, giving something handmade is always extra special simply because of the time spent making it and the thought process that went before creating something.

But there are times that my kids are insistent on giving me something material.

So if you’re one of those who still don’t know what to give your mom, here’s my round-up of thoughtful gifts that you can give your mom this Mother’s Day.

Basilur Tea
I enjoy drinking a cup of tea especially after a meal. I usually drink it accompanied by a little something sweet. Kunwari diet.:) hahaha!

I thoroughly enjoy each sip of my Basilur Tea because it really tastes so good, must be because the leaves are hand-picked from the highest quality green tea from Ceylon. 

100% Pure Ceylon green leaf tea,natural sunflower and cornflower and flavor bergamot (100g)

Basilur was born in the land which produces the world’s finest tea, Sri Lanka. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka possesses the perfect climatic and soil conditions to grow this noble herb, which boasts of a 5000 year old history. 

Basilur Tea Exports, bears the expertise, experience and the knowledge to identify the finest of these fine tea leaves and take it to higher realms by creating the most eclectic blends of tea and use state of the art modern techniques to secure its freshness and quality. 

Basilur creates unique blends of tea with the most exotic ingredients such as a variety of flavours, natural fruits and herbs, making every tea drinking experience more unique and joyful.

To know more about Basilur Tea PH

Cesa Skin Soap and Sugar Scrub
Cesa Skin Rope Soaps and Raw Sugar Body Scrubs are specially infused with aloe and menthol crystals. Cesa Skin line of bath soaps and scrubs only make use of the finest natural ingredients that our taste buds and senses are most familiar with.

All ingredients used are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. The main ingredients used for Cesa Skin products are raw white sugar, coconut oils and aloe extract.

Trying out Cesa Skin's raw sugar scrub and rope soap!  
I love the idea of the rope soap. You can just hang it to dry.

To know more about Cesa Skin

Better Than Jewels: A Weekly Devotional 
In this weekly devotional, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio shares her reflections on the joys and trials of motherhood, generosity and gratitude, love and sacrifice, and hard lessons from her past. 

Each weekly entry comes with a page for journaling. You are encouraged to write down your own reflections and applications after every devotional entry.

Readers will surely discover that the wisdom found in God’s Word is far better than all the jewels in the world.

You can purchase this at:
~All OMF Lit Branches. Check their FB page for their list of branches:
~National Book Store, PCBS, FullyBooked, and other bookstores nationwide.


Known as the world's best-selling wine, Franzia wines are perfectly produced from only the finest grapes in California, USA. With its innovative Smart Tap technology and unique packaging, Franzia wines are always made fresh, delicious and with heartfelt commitment by a great family of winemakers.

The chillable red is best for a laid-back dinner and also perfect for a cool cocktail. Pairing it with any salad, seafood or dessert will show more of its high flavor and strong finish.

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Happy Mother's day to all the moms!


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