Thursday, May 11, 2017

Of Sons and Daughters

Sons don't really talk much, ano?

Unlike my messages with my girls na full of chismis, my fave son is concise, "gonna shower na" - which is really his way of saying "I'm done training. Please pick me up."

But even if he doesn't say much, I know he always anticipates my feelings.

That day, I was late picking him up.

30 minutes after his first text, I get another one which says "love you."

Instead of asking me where I am or to hurry up, which is what my girls would do, he just sends me a simple "love you" - which is really his way of saying "don't forget to pick me up."

#ThatsWhyHeIsMyFaveSon #ilovemyson

*     *     *

Contrast that with my girls. My 2 girls recently went out of the country with my mother in law for a girl bonding trip, which is another word for a shopping trip.

They FBC me for the slightest of reasons...

I don't remember anymore what necessitated the numerous missed calls... could be an outfit consultation, permission to go out with friends....

this one I guess is to juse annoy me with emojis/GIFs. hahahaha!

to ask me which photo to post in their IG account


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