Saturday, May 27, 2017

{Weekend Footnotes} Cricut + G-League Long Course Leg 4

When my kids were way younger, I remember I would plan art activities for us to do at home. I love to DIY, and so every opportunity that I have to share that love with my kids, you can be certain that's the route I'll take.

Last Saturday, my girls and I were invited by Mommy Mundo to attend one of their #MomSchool workshops. It was a crafty workshop which promised to share the joys of making beautiful things using the Cricut Machine.

We DIYd gift tags and designed our own drawstring bags with elements cut out using the Cricut Explore Air 2.

Cricut Explore Air 2 is an electronic cutting machine for DIY projects and crafts which can help avid crafters create DIY projects in minutes.  It cuts over 100 materials – everything from cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to thicker materials like leather. The handy machine can cut custom-sized/shaped labels, die-cut style business cards, unique handouts, small boxes, envelopes, etc. 

This newest model can also connect via Bluetooth, so users don't have to trip all over wires.

I know firsthand how clutter is every crafters worst enemy, and the makers of Cricut thought of that, too, as they designed the Cricut to be slim so it's easy to stow away in a closet when not in use.

 My friend, Em, designing her drawstring bag with heat transfer stickers cut out using the Cricut.

Here are some of the finished works from the other workshop participants:
So cute noh?

Watch out for more #MomSchool workshops by checking their webpage for updates:

G League Long Course Leg 4

Last May 21 was the final leg of the G-League swim meet before we run up to the National Champs in June.

The events that day were pretty hard: 400 meters Individual Medley (tiring bcos swimmers have to swim 100m each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, all in one event), 200 meters butterfly (deadly! No explanation needed!) , 200 meters freestyle. Mostly distance swim. 

My son has this mindset that he's a sprinter and he dreaded all the events. He had a difficult time getting some sleep the night before, expecting the worse because of the bad combination of the events.

But he surprised himself with a gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle. No one expected him to be first, most of all himself. I think he was just expecting to get the second or third spot, so the victory is sweet for him.

It's always challenges like this that make the perfect backdrop for another life lesson: Let go (of worry) and let God!  #itsallGod #philippians

During the past two legs, I would order bottles of fresh buko juice from Just Coco. It makes the terrible summer heat a bit tolerable.

Due to the extreme heat, I feel like plain cold water is not enough too hydrate my son whenever he competes. I want to make sure that he gets in some nutrients and minerals that he lost throughout the day.

We used to buy buko juice sold in tetra from the grocery, but it doesn't really taste anything like buko juice, di ba? When I tried a bottle of Just Coco and then I learned they deliver anywhere within Metro Manila for a minimum order of P400, I placed an order immediately. It's really fresh buko juice which they deliver it on the same day it is bottled.


1. Taking a sip before your workout can help BOOST performance, especially when working out first thing in the morning

2. The PERFECT THIRST quencher after your workout as it has a low carbohydrate content as well as electrolytes.

3. Better way to hydrate. Coconut Water is naturally packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins so you are getting more from every glass versus artificial juices and soda.

The warm-up pool situation. Did I say it enough already how much I love this view?


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