Friday, February 16, 2018

I'm Not A Perfect Mom, Just a Real One {A #BabyDovePh Campaign}

I've been a mom for close to two decades already, just one year shy. 

I can't even believe it if I didn't live my life myself.

I've said it often enough, this stage of my life is the stage that I am loving the most. I just love and appreciate my teens so much!

The ages my kids are in now are the greatest in my parenting journey. I get to witness their transformation into the amazing persons they are turning out to be. I have always told them that they are amazing, even during times when they weren't. My mommy-heart really believes that if I keep saying it often enough, they will believe it, and they will become it.

But it wasn't always like this.

During the early years of my motherhood, I used to feel the pressure to tie-up my kids' achievement to my own. I wasn't contributing anything to the family except raising the kids, so I mistakenly took my kids' achievements as a gauge on how well I was doing at this motherhood thing. It's not something I'm proud of.

Thankfully, my husband did not share my skewed views. He held me back those times when he noticed I was being too pushy. Instead he has taught me to replace the pushiness with being more encouraging.

There are times that my words do not do enough to encourage them. It hurts as when we see our kids crushed and broken in spirit. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when this happen.

I'm thankful that I have a husband who is a great partner in my parenting journey. He has taught me how to encourage the kids using words of life taken from the Bible. I shared some of them here.

I have taken my cue from him on how to nurture my kids to grow in confidence in who they are in Christ. It is only when it is clear to them who they are in Christ will they be able to realize their strengths and grow into the amazing persons that God planned them to be.

I'm glad that through the years, life has taught me that there are no perfect moms, just real ones.

There Are No Perfect Moms, Only Real Ones is the same message behind the campaign for Baby Dove.

The new Baby Dove line encourages parents to do what is right for themselves and their babies, highlighting the message that there is no one way to be a great parent. There’s no right or wrong way to be a mom because there’s no such thing as a perfect mom – just real moms, doing it their way.

Baby Dove’s product range is a new line of premium baby care products that go beyond mildness to moisturize baby’s delicate skin. It has 2 variants: Rich Moisture & Sensitive Moisture, with the following products:
– Rich Moisture Baby Bar
– Rich Moisture Hair-to-Toe wash (200ml & 400 ml)
– Rich Moisture Baby Lotion
– Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo
– Rich Moisture wipes
– Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar
– Sensitive Moisture Tip-to-Toe wash
– Sensitive Moisture Baby Lotion

The Moisture Rich line has a gentle, clean smell that isn't overwhelming and reminds me so much of the scent when my kids were still babies; while the Sensitive line is neutral, almost with no discernible scent, perfect if anyone in your family has odor sensitivity. 

We've all heard it said that babies have delicate skin which is why skincare products designed for newborns are usually free of chemicals and strong fragrances. But in our experience, our dermatologist still actually recommends baby skincare line to my teens. The premise is that anything designed for infant skin can be good for adult's sensitive skin too, because it most likely contains a gentle formula that is not harsh on skin.

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