Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weekend Footnotes: A Birthday + Chinese New Year 2018

This long weekend was a very busy one for my family.

We celebrated Valentine's, C's birthday + Chinese New Year. In between all that, J also was invited to 2 birthday parties, so the weekend was in full swing.

14Feb: Valentine's
It was a good Valentine's Day for me because I got the Cuyana bag that I have been eyeing for some time. In the early years of our relationship, C used to give me dozens of Ecuadorian roses. Ang mahal! Tapos in a few days, malalanta na and I have to throw them away. When we got married, and I was comfortable enough with him, I finally told him I would appreciate receiving something that I can keep for years.
More than 2 decades together. He gets me.
I'm not so much into flowers. But yes to practical gifts.

15Feb: C's Birthday
The day after Valentine's, we celebrated C's birthday naman. We have celebrated 21 of his birthdays together na.

Happiest of birthdays, Chrissie!

Thank you again and again for how you always up-size everything for me and the kids: your love, time, affection, generosity, sacrifice, patience, understanding and provision. Just some of the many reasons why we love you and why it's so easy to celebrate you today.

I appreciate you the most for being our greatest encourager. For tirelessly speaking words of life to make us realize our strengths + to grow into them.

One of my life's greatest comfort is knowing that while I follow your lead, you follow the Lord's.

I have told him already so many times that his greatest blessing to me is how he is my greatest encourager talaga. I used to frequently battle with episodes of anxiety, discouragement and worries. He would never fail to share uplifting words with me. He is good in lifting up my spirits because his words are always peppered with verses from the Bible. As a Chrsitian, I know that the Bible is God's living word, and being able to hear them at the appropriate time serves to strengthen my spirit.

16Feb: Chinese New Year
It was a quiet celebration for us. We haven't really celebrated in a grand way out of respect for the passing of my FIL more than a year ago. We just took the kids to visit my Father-In-Law's urn, said a short prayer and headed back home.

But we did have a lot of fun eating out. Sharing with you our food photos from this weekend:

Tomo Japanese Dining is one of our fave restaurants. Still always full so it's best to come ealry or call for reservations.

 Salmon cravings satisfied with the Spicy Salmon and Salmon Sashimi.

 Lucky enough to chance upon the fresh delivery of the seasonal Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi. The scallops are flown in alive, taken out of wter and prepared upon order. How fresh can you get?

Tai Usuzukuri Sashimi is one of my husband's fave. 
FYI only, usuzukuri is the term for sashimi that's sliced thinly.

Ebi Tempura for the kids 

While I ordered the soft-shelled crab version naman

 Stir-fried udon is also good. I wish it had more noodles and less sahog

B ordered this one. I forgot what it's called but it's something like a cheesy casserole. Fried rice topped with melted cheese lang pala. It's quite pricey at over P200 for just a cup of fried rice.  

 One of the kids ordered the macha ice cream with adzuki and mochi balls. I was tempted to get a teaspoonful, but then I remembered I already ate half a cookie the past week kaya tiniis ko na lang ang inggit. It was so good daw.

We also tried out Mazendo during one night we were at S Maison. The Red Roast Noodles is very tasty. The spicy dumplings was a hit with the kids, too.

Did I make you hungry with the photos? Sorry. Tee-hee! Until the next weekend.