Friday, March 2, 2018

Faber Test: Define Your Allergies Before They Define You

When LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness invited me to the launch of the Faber Test, I said yes right away because I wanted to know more on how to help my son who has chronic allergic rhinitis.

Do you experience morning sneezing and runny nose? What about itchy, red eyes? Itchy throat, incessant coughing, breathing difficulty? Irritated skin or itchy rashes? Those are just some of the inconvenient symptoms of allergies. Some allergies can manifests in a more severe way or even fatal that requires a medical emergency.

Allergies can come after eating a certain kind of food or taking a form of medication. It can also be triggered after exposure to airborne elements like dust, dust mites, hair from pets, and even our own skin shedding.

The moms with me who during that informative afternoon as we learned how the Faber Test can help individuals overcome allergy issues and understand how the Functional Medicine approach can help better manage allergies.

My son's allergy symptoms are usually tolerable, but there are times when it acts up and he is forced to stop training because his sinuses are inflamed. Minsan kailangan na ng steroidal nasal spray! I feel his frustrations whenever he has to stop training because of his allergic rhinitis.
My son may look healthy and fit on the outside, but the sad truth is, he has come to accept morning sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes as a part of his daily life, and part of his "normal."

The miserable part is the guessing game on what causes his allergic rhinitis. Minsan meron, minsan wala. How do I even begin helping him if I don't know what triggers it, di ba? 

To finally put action on getting to the cause of his allergies, we went to Life Science a few weeks ago so he can have the Faber Test.

I know a lot of people don't really want to talk about blood tests or visit clinics. I just want to share our experience with you so you can see for yourself how easy the test is, and how you feel relaxed as you step in the clinic. There's nothing to be scared of!

Excuse the captions on the photos kase these are screencaps from my IG stories.

The zen-like clinic could pass for a spa

The outdoor deck is serene. It made us feel like we were teleported to a resort.

We were made to wait in consultation room 1. It doesn't look like a clinic at all right?
I think the warm colors of the room calmed my son, and helped to not make him feel kabado. 

The medical technicians are friendly and put him at ease by talking to him 
about what to expect.

See! Nakuha nya pang tumawa sa camera habang kinukunan ng dugo...

What is the FaberTest?
According to the brochure I read, "The Faber Test is the screening test for allergies which allows an individual to identify the specific allergens before they can cause an allergic reaction. It is the most up-to-date and complete tool today to diagnose an allergy. Made with the most advanced knowledge in the field of nanotechnology, Faber measures specific antibodies against bacteria, viruses and allergens. It uses molecular allergens and allergen extracts using only minimal blood samples from the patient."

"The Faber Test is recommended for those who have allergy with asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, urticaria, eczema, food reactions including abdominal pain and diarrhea, or insect or latex-induced reactions. Faber is also used if there are other members of the family who suffer from these allergies, or when more than one symptom appears at the same time and have several triggers."

What is Functional Medicine?
LifeScience doctors consider health factors, such as the environment, lifestyle, stress, and genetic predisposition that affect a patient’s well-being. By mapping out your health history and understanding the interactions between factors affecting one’s health, your doctor gets a clear picture of the patient’s health status.

This approach also enables LifeScience doctors to identify the root cause of health issues. It serves as a guide in developing a concrete health plan to address existing health issues, prevent potential issues from arising, and achieving specific health goals.
This is the wall decal in one of their offices. 
I took a photo of it because the principle is worth remembering. 

Functional Medicine principles emphasize the importance of gut health to overall health.

Dr Oyie Balburrias, the Life Science senior medical consultant and a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, shared that our gut contains 70% of our immune system, with the remaining 30% found in the bone marrow.

Having shared that, Dr. Oyie stresses that the body's first line of defense to protect against invaders, pathogens, bacteria, parasites and  toxins lies in our intestines. However, in a leaky gut, these immune cells are exposed to partially digested food particles that get through the spaces between the cells that line the intestines. These immune cells then signal other white blood cells to form antibodies to these food particles.

He showed us an infographic similar to the one below, which made understanding the whole concept really easier for me.

With the Faber Test, allergies does not have to be one of the things that bug you down. Knowing the root cause of your allergies will help you and your doctor in creating a pro-active and specific health regimen to manage, if not altogether avoid allergies.

Life Science Center for Health & Wellness
LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness takes the guesswork out. Their tests eliminate the "what ifs" and find out for certain which diseases the patient should and should not worry about, which food to avoid so health goals are met. Their cutting-edge personalized programs are made based on the type of nutrition, movement, and medical treatments that the patient needs.

To be frank, the price of the consultation and tests costs more than going to a conventional doctor. The Faber Test costs P25,000 up front. But this is the only place I know of that looks to optimizing the overall health of individuals, rather than focusing on managing one health issue after another. Also, if you add up all the money spent on conventional medicine and doctor's fee it might total up to the same amount. If you are serious about the quality of your life, then consider it an investment for your future.

Going further along, I learned that they also offer sports nutritional coaching for competitive athletes. This might be something that we will look into in the near future should R decide that he wants to optimize his athletic performance as he grows older.
LifeScience is located at 8F ACCRALAW Tower, 2nd Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

We'll be back here soon to consult with a certified Functional Medicine doctor to help us evaluate the approach to take to better manage his allergies based on his Faber Test results . I'll update you!

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