Saturday, May 12, 2018

Seamless Balayage by Piandre Salon

I have a serious case of mom-hair. On most days --- actually parang everyday ata, my long hair is just up in a messy bun or a low ponytail.

You know what I'm talking about, right? I step out of the shower, I just put my wet hair up and step out of the house. Because seriously, who has time to comb? Hahaha! 

I haven't had my hair treated professionally, haven't had it colored --- for years! Can you even believe that? I used to go to the salon regularly for highlights and digital perms. But when the kids came one after the other, my days started to get filled up with all things babies, and time for self-care slowly got inched out. This self-care thing is tough as a mom sometimes, but it is so important.

So when Piandre Salon (through Mommy Mundo) invited me to take a moment for myself this Mother's day weekend to try their newest treatment, the Seamless Balayage, I said YES immediately!

Piandre is one of the salons we visit. Occasionally for haircut, frequently for when we need to have a good blowout for a party. It has been a part of the hair salon industry in Manila for 30 years. They frequently invite hairdressers and educators from around the world to update their stylists on the latest hair trends. Just recently, they invited a group from Melbourne to teach their hairstylists the Seamless Balayage, using their partner hair color Lakme from Barcelona.

What Is Balayage?
Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair in which multiple colors are used and the resultant look has the color graduating from dark to light in a natural looking way. Because the root area is purposely left dark, the style provides extreme coverage and is supposed to last for a long long time with minimal retouch.

Which means perfect for moms, or generally for people who can't go to the salon frequently for one reason or another.

Even though I was excited I was also a bit apprehensive because I really don't know when I could visit the salon next. I am sure I couldn't keep up with the frequent maintenance required of having colored hair. It's a good thing my colorist reassured me that the subtle regrowth of the Seamless Balayage by Piandre is able to achieve a look that's natural and best of all, low maintenance – which is perfect for moms.

Ang ganda, di ba? I really love it! I look like a brand new ME! 
Promise. My kids can't stop gushing about how young I look. Di daw parang mom of an incoming college student, parang nursery mom lang daw. Bwahahaha!

That's my colorist, Rosalie from Paindre Trinoma.

I don't really frequent Trinoma that much because my claustrophobic girls find the mall too crowded. But when I was searching for pegs in the Piandre IG page, halos lahat ng nagustuhan ko was done by Rosalie. So there was no other choice for me but to brave Trinoma. Buti na lang, they are located on the ground floor, with the entry outside the mall. Because of this, their operation hours are early also. They are open as early as 7am.

Rosalie is also a wife and a mom. As such, when I showed her pegs and told her that I wanted something low-maintenance, na-gets nya na agad. I did not have to specify na kung anong color, I just told her to work her magic.

So you will appreciate the transformation, here's a before and after:

The entire process took 5 hours. I did not even notice that I was in the salon from 12 noon unitl 5 pm, if reality did not remind me that my son was already very late for strength and conditioning and swim training.

My hair is dry, so they had to put i.plex treatment twice. The initial deep conditioning treatment was done with the color to strengthen and protect the strands. The second process was given with a scalp massage, after the color was rinsed off.

My hair length is almost until the bra strap, which is considered "super long." Balayage with Lakme i.plex for my hair length costs P9,250+.

Piandre made all my balayage dreams come true. I had forgotten how good it feels to get my hair done, and I have gotten so many great compliments on it. I realized that taking an effort to fix myself up offers me an extra dose of happy in an otherwise regular day.

Let’s do this, mamas! We deserve the time for self-care!

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