Monday, July 22, 2013

What's In My Cart: My Own Meat Shop

For homemakers, grocery shopping is an inescapable routine that you either enjoy or treat as a burden. It is a mixture of both for me. I love it when I can do my grocery shopping in a relaxed pace, and I have time to look at the new products on the market. But most of the time, I am actually in a rush, just breezing through each aisle and grabbing the essentials.

But where I do my grocery-shopping is not usually the place where I buy my meat, not unless when I do the groceries at S&R.  One of the places I go to for my meat is My Own Meat Shop located along Panay Ave. I love this place because it does not look like a meat shop. Look!

The inside of the place is so spacious and clean, and the meat are packed in vacuum sealed, leak-proof containers so I don't have to worry about surface contamination. But, if touching meat packages with your bare hands makes you queasy, no worries, you can wash your hands at the sink provided for that reason.
Close-up of the sink area - just because! I love that there are two faucet, one for drinking water and the other one for washing only.
The items are also generously sized, and is perfect for my family of voracious eaters. Homemakers with families of lesser appetite will have to split one pack to accommodate two-three meal servings. But the downside to having all the meat vacuum sealed is that I cannot request for specific way to cut my meat. Since all the dirty work is done in their back office, no butcher is on hand to take special requests.

The more expensive items are sold per slice.   Imported items are on hand like: Australian/New Zealand lamb, Australian wagyu, US Black Angus, scallops, Chilean sea-bass, among many others. Their giant-sized scallops come at a more decent size than the gigantic bags at S&R. One bag contains about 12-15 jumbo scallops.

They also sell different kinds of balls: fish tofu, squid balls, fish balls, etc. If you are looking for fish balls like the ones from Singapore, the variety they sell comes close to it.

Different cuts of fries are also available, but I haven't tried them because I try to not let my kids eat fries.

A lot of the customers are institutions/restaurants, that is why packing in boxes is not an unusual sight.  I have also seen a lot of grandmothers buy slabs of Black Angus rib-eyes, perhaps preparing for Sunday dinners with their kids and grandchildren. 

My Own Meat Shop
91-95 Panay Ave., Quezon City
near National Bookstore -Quezon Ave. branch

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