Thursday, January 9, 2014

iPad App {Sketches}

a sketch done by my 13- y/o daughter

Do you have any rule on how your kids use electronics?

My kids are not that addicted to electronic gadgets, but I think when left to idleness they could easily get captivated by it. I monitor the use of their gadgets, and try to keep a suitable balance by encouraging them to finish a creative pursuit before they play with their iPads or X-box.

This is easier to keep an eye on when school is on; during summer and Christmas break, it takes an extra effort to keep them off electronics. I am lucky that I have dutiful kids who have been blessed with obedient hearts; as such they already know that the best way to spend their time is to engage in recreation with things that remain inanimate until they put them in motion - Lego, sketching, coloring, etc. I have spent years guiding them that this is the best kind of play.  But of course, initially they would compare with their friends and ask, "how come so-and-so gets to play with the iPad even during school days?" or "But so-and-so can play with the iPad the whole day during weekends!"  But because through the years I never gave in, they have accepted it fully now.

And so while we have, so far, only purchased one app for their iPad (Minecraft); nevertheless, I also understand that the iPad can be also used as a gadget for productivity with the right kind of apps. It's just a matter of looking for the right kind of app that my kids will be interested in.

During the last Christmas break, my daughter was able to make good use of her iPad by doing some amazing sketches using the app also called Sketches. 

Sketches is a FREE app, and is by far one of the best drawing app that we have come acrossIt is fairly easy to navigate so even a child can finish a sketch in no time.

Here she draws a word art for the year 2014

 Her take on "us" girls

I think she already has summer on her mind with her sketches of the beach and ice-cream!

And this Japanese girl is my favorite sketch so far! I just love how dainty it looks. If you pay more attention, you will notice how she was able to create different textures within the artwork by using the simple technique of shading.  I have been drawing and painting with my kids every summer since they were this tall, and it makes my heart burst with affection to see that all those summer art lessons have not gone to waste!

If you have kids who are also inclined toward the arts, what iPad apps do they use to cultivate their interest?