Friday, May 30, 2014

Mathemagis: Singapore Math Enrichment Program

Every year, once school opening is near, I let the kids start doing math worksheets just to get their minds oiled up and working. I think a rusty mind is a student’s worst enemy. For my youngest, I just have him answer multiplication drills so he can refresh on his multiplication. And he also does a few sets of word problems taken from his old Singapore Math books. I do not trust myself to give advance Math lessons as I do not want to confuse him, because his school follow the Singapore Math curriculum.

I am sure a lot of parents feel this way about Singapore Math because we did not grow up learning Math this way.  If you feel like you want to help your kids feel more confident about Math, but are hesitant to do it yourself, then you can join the Singapore Math Workshop conducted by Mathemagis this coming June 4, 2014.  Although it is for teachers, but if you plan to teach your grade-schoolers or pre-schoolers Singapore Math, then this would surely be beneficial for you!

Singapore Math cannot be taught by parents who have no idea how it works. Doing so would only complicate matters for you and your child. It is best to leave it to the experts or be an expert on the topic yourself.:)

But for some parents, tutoring can only mean a strained relationship with your child/children. If that is what you want to avoid, then Mathemagis is here to help you and your child, as well.
Mathemagis is a Maths enrichment program based on the internationally acclaimed and proven mathematics curriculum of Singapore. The program focuses on developing problem-solving skills thorough visualization using bar models. It follows Singapore’s spiraling approach to learning maths with certain topics revisited in greater depth each time. With over 10,000 pages of well-articulated and step-by-step worksheets and a training and certification program for all our teachers, Mathemagis is the most comprehensive after school program in Singapore Maths.

When Mathemagis offered to give summer math enrichment classes to my 2 younger kids, B was the most excited of all! She loves Math, and finds a challenging Math problem irresistible. So for about a month this summer, she looked forward to going to the center thrice a week for her hourly math enrichment classes. She loves her math teacher; and said that while she was strict, she was also funny and would answer her questions patiently.

This is the center where my kids had their classes. There are 3 study stations, so only a handful of kids are seated together to ensure that the teacher can manage them efficiently. I can say that after their session was done, we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. They were able to help R unravel the mystery of math. At the same time, they were also able to challenge B with math problems, and she really looked forward to each session with her teacher. Her teacher even gave her homework to do at home, which she would do by herself, without any prodding from me. Can anyone say math nerd?:)
In Mathemagis, students spend 80% of their time working on word problems and getting feedback from teachers, instead of just listening to lectures or working on their own. The students sit in front of one teacher in a U-shaped pattern, allowing the teacher an all-encompassing view of her students.
It two weeks time, my kids will be going back to school, and I know my kids are confidently looking forward to their Math classes because they have done advanced lessons with their capable Mathemagis teacher. 

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