Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Footnotes & A Belated Mother's Day Post

Last week, we were the luckiest recipients of a huge basketful of the sweetest mangoes.  So during the weekend, the kids wanted to make Mango Royale.  It was one of the easiest desserts to make and one of the yummiest, too!  I just supervised the 2 younger kids while they made this. Will post the recipe on the blog tomorrow, so watch out for it!:)

On Sunday, Ravi Zacharias honored us by speaking in church.  He has spoken all over the world, and his audience has included important world leaders. C is a fan of his books and even attended the Saturday seminar also at CCF.  You can learn more about him here.
Photo taken from the Facebook page of Francis Kong
We met up with my in laws for lunch at had lunch at Wee Nam Kee in Shang-ri La Mall. Afterwards, the kids wanted to get some cream puffs from Happy Cream Puff.

After lunch, C and R wanted to watch a movie, so they did.  B and I had other ideas for fun, so we didn't join them for movie, instead we took some selfies and free-loaded in the bookstore.  This history book was such a good read that we did not even notice that they were done with their movie already.

I wasn't able to post anything for Mother's Day this year, so for my own sake, I will post a belated entry here.  I want to be able to look back sometime in the future and have some warm memories over the things that my kids do for me.

In this 2010 post, my kids did the most adorable thing of serving me breakfast in bed.  I just re-read that post the other day, it made my heart smile.:)

Every year, I really do not expect anything from my kids except handwirtten notes.  That's all I want from them, handwritten notes, or anything that is made with their hands.

So for this year, my Li'l Man gave me a note that is quite long for his standard... and a P20 bill, some loombands which are from his sister's collection, and some origami paper work.  Hahaha!  Such a funny mish-mash of items.  But I love his message, though.  

B's letter was sort of a shock for me.... because it says, "thank you for understanding my decision to not swim anymore..."   Woah!  I thought she was just on a break!  We will see how this goes as I do not want to force her to go back if she doesn't want to, most especially if she promises to try her best to get an Academic Excellence award. :)

J always gets me something, even if I tell her not to.  She went shopping with her Ah-ma one day and she bought me Kiehl's Skin Perfector.  And when the girl who assisted her found out that she was buying it for me as  Mother's Day present, the girl gave her a lot of product samples for me to try.:)  Also, I discovered, that she thinks I am too serious ( I rarely laugh daw!).  Which of course, made me self-conscious, but I think their dad simply just overpowers me with his real-life crazy stories and jokes.

Sorry for this Weekend Footnotes that came middle of the week.  We had problems with our DSL connection, and it was just fixed today.  Another weekend will soon be upon us.:)