Monday, October 30, 2017

Officially a Teenager

When R was younger, he couldn't keep still. He was always moving, running... anything but stay still. He would often tire his dad out. His dad would have to physically restrain him just so he would stop running.

Even when he was in grade school, ang hirap pa din nya talagang kunan ng picture. It has to be a candid shot, a setting where he is allowed to move freely, otherwise I couldn't get a decent photo.

Through the years, I would position father and son in front of my camera lens and just click away as they interact with each other.

Looking at those photos made me realize that I haven't been taking photos lately. I used to carry the DSLR anywhere we go to capture candid moments like those. But ever since I got the iPhone a few years back I just stopped bringing the DSLR. I think it's about time I bring it out again.

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Especially now that I have a brand new teenaged son.

He turned 13 last month!

I’m lucky that he still thinks I am cool, for the most part. And he still wants to hang out with me. Unlike a few years ago, he now doesn't seem to mind (that much) when I grab his arm while we are walking in the mall. I don't know if he thinks I want to keep him safe, or for him to keep me safe. Whatever, it doesn't really matter. As long as he lets me. Hahaha!

He continues to ask for more independence, but at the same time he also craves for my reassurance and feedback that what he is doing is right. He frequently asks me to pray for him when he is worried about something, usually about a big test in school or about his swim.

So far, I've totally let go as far as his academics are concerned. He studies on his own and plans how far ahead he wants to study in advance. I ask him from time to time how he is doing because as a student-athlete his time for studying is really limited. He gets home from training by 8pm every school night (I know, so late) and he goes to bed by 930pm because he is physically tired from the exhausting workout sets given by his coach.

There will always be minor disagreements. Too often it is because I wish he could study more, but when he says he has everything under control, then I force myself to trust that he does. And he does give in very good grades naman. So I should really be more trusting that he is capable.

There are times my role as mom is to be a dictator, especially when he needs to be nudged back into doing what’s right (like limiting the time he is on his gadgets). Even if he is now a teen, he is still, after all, my kid, and occasionally needs to obey with no room for negotiation.

Lately, I noticed that he has become more actively involved when it comes to buying his clothes. I've stopped buying for him without consulting him because I've bought several items which he did not want to wear because "it's too kiddie." The last time we were in Hong Kong, he asked me to go in with him to several shops to show me what kind of clothes he wants to buy.

He also introduced me to the world of rubber shoes. I didn't know anything about ultraboosts and uncaged shoes until he asked us to buy for him early this year. It's the first time he ever requested for rubber shoes, and he's such a good kid so we can't help but say yes.
Sorry na, not updated si mommy sa rubber shoes. But after he gave me a crash course, I quickly realized that ayaw ko na din pala makakuha ng updates... ang mahal ok!  

But what really gets him happy is when he gets to buy new swimming trunks. When it comes to swimwear, he really enjoys the cool designs of Funky Trunks. As in he is really excited to train just so he can wear them. He tells me talaga that he can't wait to train because his trunks makes him happy daw! Feeling daw nya ang cool-cool nya! Hahaha! #truestory

Funky Trunks just released their newest designs for the Wild Water Collection.

Here are the designs for the swim caps.


Funkita has something new for the girls, too! Their newest suits now come with the strappy back! 

Here are the other designs for Funkita Swimwear:

There's more good news! This coming November, Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear will be bringing in a competition suit called APEX STEALTH.

Using body moulding technology on elite athletes and hours of testing under race pace conditions, the Stealth has been developed to provide the most streamline, form fitting performance suit on the market. With gridlocking fabric technology to provide maximum compression and rigid carbon core stabilisers, the Stealth will give you incredible body position on the water and minimal resistance through the water, throughout your race.

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