Monday, November 6, 2017

Mom Talk with Tintin Babao

Different women have different experiences when it comes to being a mom. Even as a stay-at-home mom, you simply can’t be there for your kids all the time. My kids are already 17, 14 and 13, and they’re growing into their own skin. The best I can really do is to guide them and then let go and allow them to turn into their own kind of amazing.

We all went through our own evolution. I’m sure a lot of mom will agree when I say I definitely am not the same person I was when I just started raising my own family. Lifestyles change, preferences change, and priorities change. Right now, my top priority is keeping my family as happy, protected, and healthy as possible.

Now that it’s November, we think it’s the end of the rainy season, but it seems to be so unpredictable nowadays. The past few days we've seen some downpour, and we all know that with rainy season comes a lot of sickness, so keeping my family healthy becomes a bit more challenging.

I’ve shared many stories about my personal experiences as a mom, and I love hearing stories from other moms, too. Which is why I decided to have a quick chat with a mom whom we’ve all seen evolve into the wonderful mom that she is now – Tintin Babao.
from l-r: RJ Dancel, ME, Michelle Lim, Janice Villanueva, Tintin Babao, Lyn Ching

I met Tintin through our common friends, Janice and Michelle. She has a lively and cheerful personality that makes it easy for people to instantly warm up to her. Since meeting her, I've also learned that inspite of being a celebrity, she's a doting and very hands-on mom to her two kids.

We all watched her on the news, saw her interview some of the most inspirational people in the country and she’s always given us good nuggets of wisdom in her morning shows. Here’s a lot more we can learn from Tintin on a personal level naman!

Tina: How long have you been working in the entertainment industry?

Tintin: I started out as a TVC model when I was 16 in 1986. I started appearing in bit and guest roles on various TV shows in 1990. That’s when I also started as a field and segment reporter for “Tatak Pinoy”. In 1993, I become the main anchor for TV Patrol’s Star News. Today I am a Blocktime producer and Host of “Moneywise”, a financial literacy show.

Tina: What challenges did you encounter transitioning from your career to mom life?

Tintin: Being a mom didn’t stop me from still continuing my career. Becoming a mom is amazing, but the transition back to work was actually more challenging. That means being on a long maternity leave, coming back to work and gaining & losing weight during pregnancy!

Tina: What are your main priorities in your family's health and protection?

Tintin: I make sure my two kids get their regular pedia & dental checkups, that they get their vaccines shots regularly and on time. That they eat well, exercise & play well, live well and enjoy life.

That they have happy a wellbeing - mentally, emotionally, physically and spritually.

Tina: How has experience balancing work and life inspired you to help other moms do the same?

Tintin: I always remind my stressed-out mommy friends who are experiencing burn out and work pressures to delegate tasks and not carry every burden on their shoulders or else they will lose their sanity. That applies not just in the office but at home also. Raising children and keeping them happy and healthy is teamwork, not just with your husband, with the grandparents, their extended families, and even your friends. Everyone who gets to interact with your kids has a role to play in their lives.

Tina: How do you and your family prepare for diseases before and during the rainy season?

Tintin: The simplest and most regular thing we do is to load up and power up on Vitamin C to keep resistance strong. We also keep a very clean home, we sleep well when we can, and we place a big importance on maintaining proper hygiene.

Tina: Have you gotten yourself vaccinated?

Tintin: Personally, my vaccinations are complete - from childhood to present. Even as an adult, I make sure I am updated with vaccinations when they become available.

I am naturally paranoid when it comes to health. I waste no time or chance to choose what is best for me and my family. After studying the options carefully and arming myself first with the info I need, I seek the vaccination suitable for me and my family.

Tina: Is vaccination something you’d encourage other moms to do and have their families undergo?

Tintin: Yes. Definitely.

Vaccine is one form of health protection. Vaccines are not in the market for random reasons. They are released in the market after long periods of research and careful study by reputable Pharma companies.

Vaccines are preventive methods to ensure good health.

Thank you, Tintin! I hope to see you and the rest of the other mamas soon!

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Health is definitely one big issue that never goes away for moms, and there are many ways to keep families healthy and protected. Perhaps the best tip we can get from Tintin is to be more proactive and prevent illnesses from happening instead of being reactive and treat illnesses when the kids are already sick.

I agree with Tintin that the best protection is prevention. For my family, I make sure that we all have our daily supplements, we eat nutritious food and we stay active and get enough rest. I also keep myself updated on required vaccinations by following the Facebook page of of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination.

Are you for proactive prevention? Let me know!

all Babao family photos are from Tintin Babao