Thursday, June 14, 2018

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

40th are milestone birthdays for most people. It's like a coming of age party for people having a middle life crisis. You all know that I've stopped counting my age when I reached 28, so I never really celebrated my 40th. Hahaha! But I have always enjoyed helping other people celebrate their 40th, though.

A month ago, a friend celebrated her 40th birthday. I first met her a decade ago as our kids (my youngest son, and her eldest daughter) were pre-school classmates. We were kidding each other that pretty soon, we can both be the parents chaperoning as our kids' class host their first soiree together.. Eeeep! Let's not go into that yet.

Divine has all the reasons to celebrate her 40th in a big way. She is in a great place. She lives a very comfortable life by all standards. She has a devoted husband who spoils her. Two smart and good-looking kids who thinks the world of her. She is surrounded by friends and family who love her.

Sorry no photo of the birthday celebrant as she is camera-shy, even if she is a beauty.

*     *     *
I'll just tell you about my Sunset Cruise experience.
I've never been on a sunset dinner cruise before so I did not really know what to expect, or even how to dress up for it. To be safe, I just wore a dressy top with a skirt. I didn't want to wear anything too stuffy as I was anticipating it to be hot (because Manila summer). But the timing of the cruise was just right, the sun was setting and the cool breeze from the sea kept us comfortable.

If you are going during the cooler months, I would suggest that you bring a scarf or light jacket as the sea breeze tends to get colder the farther out you go.

Also, be prepared to smell the stench coming from the polluted Manila Bay. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was a short inconvenience. The farther we moved away from the shore, the smell went away with it.

Here I am with Helen. It was just the two of us present from our mommy group as our other friends were all abroad that time.

We were asked to be there promptly at 5pm. So there we were! Just in time to witness the sunset as we set sail.

Too bad a thick curtain of clouds covered the sky, we were not able to fully witness the glorious Manila Bay sunset. But we were all still very thankful for the slivers of golden rays that peeked through the clouds because just a few hours earlier it was raining. Praise God the rain stopped at the right time to let us enjoy the cruise.

Manila truly has an abundance of natural beauty.
We were able to view the golden sun dipping below the sea's horizon. 
Still a magnificent view even if it was hiding behind thick gray clouds.

I was honored and touched to find out that the birthday party was a very intimate gathering of family and a handful of good friends. 

The view of the upperdeck where we stayed the entire time of the cruise.

This sunset cruise is a 3-hour journey around Manila Bay. The boat just goes in circles for most of the trip; nevertheless, the beautiful view of the Manila Bay strip walk all lighted up is enough.

We stayed on the top deck where there was live entertainment. A vocalist and an acoustic guitarist performed the whole time. Their playlist of acoustic songs was current, and I enjoyed listening to them. Thanks to our millennial kids, kaya naman namin ni Helen makisabay sa mga kanta.

Divine's dessert table on the top deck had a nautical theme going. I thought the celebratory red color that landscaped the area was just right to set the mood for the night.

The lower deck had an air-conditioned room where the parents of Divine stayed along with other family members. This is also where the dinner buffet was set up.  

After our buffet dinner, we were already positioned to get a view of the fireworks.

The fireworks come from MOA, and is usually on weekends. It was a good show which lasted quite long. Sorry no photos as I was busy watching.

If you are looking for a unique experience for your guests, having a private cruise party during sunset is a good idea. I was impressed and really had a good time!

Thanks you so much, Divine and Noni for having me.


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