Friday, June 1, 2018

Revitalizing My Tired Skin with Skin House Laser

I have a confession to make...

I've never had a facial.

The reason why I've never had a facial before is because in my mind I did not think I needed one, and also because I've always associated it with a luxury that only older women with a lot of time on their hands and wrinkles on their faces indulged in. In my teens and even up to my early thirties, I had blemish-free skin. This is not to say that I have perfect-looking skin ha. While I did not experience any major pimple breakouts, I suffer from oily skin.

Sadly, my reality as a 40-something mama, I realized that I am now one of those "older women" AND my face has a lot of those wrinkles to show for AND my pores are even more pronounced. My oily skin which used to not give me problems when I was younger has now left me with enlarged pores. Ayayay! My minimalist skin care regime has caught up with me.

Lately, when I look in the mirror, all I could see is an uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and a rough texture. Even my foundation is not helping cover my problems, but instead, it made them appear more prominent. Huhuhu! I finally felt like I needed a facial and I needed it right away!

When Skin House Laser offered me to try out their 24 Karat Gold Facial with Diamond Peel, it's like the universe nudging me that it's about time to go get that facial.

When I got to Skin House in Mayon, QC, I already felt confident I made the right decision. The place looks chic and welcoming, clean but not sterile. I love the pop of teal amidst all the white. Plastered on the wall are the licenses of the nurses. Made me feel so much more comfortable and assured knowing that all the facialists are nurses. The knowledgeable and trained medical staff and nurses is capable to provide proper aesthetic treatments according to specific needs.

My facialist advised me to get the 24 Karat facial that comes with a diamond peel and Skin House Signature Facial that gently cleanse the skin and removes deep-seated dirt. The 24 Karat Mask claims to whitens, minimizes pores, helps with oil control and anti-aging and also hydrates skin. Yan na yan talaga yung kailangan ko.

My facialist walked me through each step before she started. First she cleansed my skin and gave it a massage, and then my face was exposed to steam to open up my pores to aid in the extraction of blackheads and other impurities that were clogging my skin.

She followed this with a vacuum suction to take out the excess fluids and dirt and to prepare my skin for the treatments that were going to follow.

Pricking is the part I was wary about because I've heard how it can be quite painful. But surprisingly, I did not feel any pain - at all. As in, painless talaga! I could feel some pressure, but definitely no pain. This was followed by an antibiotic toner.

The Diamond Peel came next. A tipped instrument that's made of real crushed diamond chips was used all over my face to take away blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and dead skin! My facialist gave special attention to the sides of my nose since it is one my problem areas.

The serum in the 24 karat gold mask feels cold and relaxing, perfect for my tired looking, aging skin as it rejuvenates, nourishes and hydrates the skin to make it more youthful.. This procedure took about 20 minutes. After my 20 minutes was up, my facialist removed the mask and used a hi frequency laser to close my pores. 

 My skin looked extra radiant when I left!

Here's a selfie that my daughter took while we were at Skin House.
I was advised not to wash or wet my face for 4 hours after the treatment.

While the change was not dramatic, I'm still happy with the results. My skin looked clearer and cleaner.  I regret not having a facial done sooner and waiting until I had become one of those “older women” before trying it for the first time. I now realize that regular facial treatments is one of the secrets to maintaining a youthful skin. I will be back soon!

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