Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend Footnotes: Zara Sale + A Wedding + L'Oreal's Micellar Water

Zara sale this weekend, and for my oldest daughter this is one of the things that she has been looking forward to year after year. Kaya naman first day pa lang ng sale we went to Zara Shangri-la na to get dibs on the merchandise.

While I was able to get something for myself and B, J went home empty-handed. Which warranted another visit on Sunday, sa Rockwell branch naman.

Sa totoo lang, it made me happy to see that she has matured in her thought process regarding shopping. At least now I know she can make economically sound choices. She doesn't force herself to buy something just for the sake of buying. I've always taught her by example that we should always curate our shopping choices to reflect a closet which contains clothes that will stand the test of time. You can read more style tips that I share with my daughters here.

*     *     *

We were invited to a wedding last Saturday. The boys had other plans so it was just the three of us girls.

Whenever my daughters go out, they know that I always appreciate it when the send me photo updates. My @whimsicalsushi sent me one last night... kaso magkasama naman kami.

It’s fun to go out with daughters because the bonding starts from the time we put on make up up until the wee hours of the night when we take off our make up. They have their own vanity but nakikisiksik pa din sila sakin.

So after the wedding, we all road tested L'Oreal's new bi-phase Micellar Water Makeup Remover.   

Just shake, pour out to cotton, press to skin, and wipe out in gentle circular motion.  No rinsing required na din. Which is perfect because... the Tita in me just wanted to crawl into bed that night. #waypastmybedtime

 Ang galing ha! It took out our long wearing makeup.

For me, it's great to use as a first step in makeup removal as it really takes out even long-wearing makeup in one-two swipes. Also works well when you are on the go and you don't have easy access to water as it doesn't require any rinsing. Or in the case of my daughter when she's had too much fun in a part and is sleepy already - but still needs to take off her makeup.

*     *     *

My daughter wanted to eat at the new food outlet of Harlan + Holden because of the resto's aesthetics, but my MIL wanted the comfort of somewhere tried and tested. So Kuretake it was for Sunday lunch. I don't really do resto reviews so let me just share what our side of the table ordered.

Is it just me or do you find the sushi and sashimi sad looking? We haven't eaten in a year or two. They don't serve the free appetizers na of dilis and pickled vegetables.

I must admit, I had to do a double take if I was going to actually eat it or not. I don't want to deal with a bum tummy after. It didn't give us an upset stomach naman. Buti na lang.

I just noticed that I did not even take photos of our entrees na pala. We all just had different kinds of donburis. I think the girls were all in a hurry to get done eating para makapunta na sa Zara sale. Hihihi!

*     *     *

Today's message at church really spoke to my heart.

Imagine you are put in a situation where you feel the urgent need to retaliate. When you feel like the crossed party and tempted to make a hurtful comeback.

For me, this applies most to the parenting area of my life. Most of the time, how I respond to my kids when their rooms are messy, they spend too much time on their gadgets, etc needs to be seasoned w a lot of gentleness and patience. My son, most especially, whose primary love language is words of affirmation gets affected. He would gently call me out, "Mama, you don't have to raise your voice all the time. Just please tell me in a calm voice to remind me" Every time I remember this dialogue: heartbreak emoji please!!!

I learned yesterday that the nest time I feel the need to react impatiently I should instead
P - pause
R - resist my first impluse
A - ask God for help
Y - yield to the Holy Spirit

Thank you God for the much needed reminder! Guys please pray that I remember to P.R.A.Y.


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