Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Japan Day 6: {Osaka} Kuromon Ichiba Market

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The Kuromon Ichiba Market is often called "Osaka's Kitchen" because the market is always busy and filled with customers.  A wide variety of products including fresh fish, seafood, meat, and Japanese sweets can be found here.  Most of the customers are professional chefs for nearby restaurants.

We always enjoy visiting local markets that give us a glimpse of how the locals live.
Our sixth day was focused on just the Osaka area, since we hardly ever had time to explore Osaka yet of the 6 days that we've been in Japan. We left for and got back to Osaka quite late that all we ever do is eat a late dinner and rest at the hotel. Sometimes, we get back to our hotel as late as 10pm. 

The whole market is vibrant and full of energy, busting with all kinds of shops selling fresh sea food, vegetables, fruits, etc. There are a lot of fresh food at reasonable prices.  The Japanese Snow Crab legs are well known for their sweet flavor and snowy white meat.

They also sell it boiled already. We bought one tray and ate it in the comfort of our hotel room that night.

Should you want to buy to bring home, they also sell it boxed.

The Japanese scallops are huge and so sweet.  We ordered this when we were at Nishiki Market in Kyoto, and we just had to have it again here.

They are displayed in containers of threes, and the shopkeeper grill them as you order. They come barely cooked, just a few minutes on the grill and straight to your mouth.:)

We were there at 9.30am to avoid the crowd, and got lucky to catch a tuna-cutting performance in one of the stores. You can also purchase the freshly cut tuna at the event.

If you don't want to pay $$$$ for the freshly cut tuna, then you can just purchase the "leftovers." After the fish is sliced, they use a spoon to scoop out the flesh that is left between the bones.

If you also want to witness the tuna-cutting performance, this is the shop where you can view it.  I think it happened at around 10-1030 am on the day we were there. It was quite an expereince, especially for the kids.

Yummy and fresh sushis!

Plenty of pre-packed sushi and sashimi for your picking at very affordable prices.

We had a good lunch of Kobe beef in one of the restaurants. This is a very good way to eat good quality Kobe beef. The price is cheaper than what you would normally pay in a restaurant... but that is not to say it is cheap! Y2,000 for one order of the Kobe beef.
We paid quite a sum, especially since ang tatakaw ng mga anak ko! But it's so gooood! So good that we went back again for take-out 2 days after.

Just look at the long queue of people waiting for their chance at the beef.!
They cook the beef only after you order it, so everything is fresh off the grill.

There's grilled oysters, too.

You will notice a slight change in the merchants as you move your way through the market.  When we came in, there are more fish and seafood shops.  As we got closer to the Nipponbashi train station, there are more cooked foods and even a grocery store, targeting the commuters on their way home.
This grocery is heaven for my pantry.  I swear I bought a lot of grocery stuff here. If my pantry could jsut speak, it would thank me a hundred times!:)

Japanese strawberries are among the sweetest!  But not all the berries are created equal...

Expect to pay $$$$ for premium and large strawberries.

Look at this one Y300 for one piece of strawberry which is as big as my fist!

My B was able to satisfy her sweet tooth at Kuromon...

Kuromon Ichiba is also a great place to pick up some souvenirs for chocolate loving friends back home.

Expect the Japanese to think of everything! If you get too tired from the walking, don't worry, there's a resting area!

Not related to Kuromon Ichiba, but still on the topic about the Japanese thinking of everything. There's a UCC store as we exit on the other end of Kuromon.  Look at what's inside its tiny toilet!
Ang galing lang! The sink is located on top of the water enclosure so no water gets wasted. And it is also a clever way to maximize space in this very tiny room. Japanese ingenuity talaga!

Come back soon as I expect to post continuously to wrap up my series on our Japan trip!

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