Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Japan Day 2: Ippudo Ramen @ Osaka

After our day at Universal Studios, we arranged to meet up with my sisters for dinner.  We wanted somewhere near both of our hotels since we've had little rest from our flight the previous day and we were expecting to do a lot of walking for our Kyoto (Southern Higashiyama) schedule the next day.  I wanted the kids to rest early.  We finally decided on Ippudo Ramen since it is located just right across our hotel, Fraser Residences.

We did not have to wait to be seated, but we did have to break up our group of 7.  We did not mind not eating together, since that would mean a very long waiting time.
A variety of condiments are available on each table, and can be eaten as appetizers.  C found the spicy bean sprouts very tasty.

The li'l man can't do without his gyoza, which came out perfectly seared on one side, just the way he likes it. 

The soup stock is tonkotsu-based, tasty and flavorful, and just a tad salty for my taste.  They offer two tonkotsu broths - red and white.  I prefer the milky white broth better, but C likes the more robust red broth. Ippudo's Chashuu is so tender it is simply amazing.  But I guess I am really getting old because while the pork was heavenly, I was actually more concerned about the layers of fat I was eating along with the meat. Ayayay!

My kids love it, and the prices are reasonable, so I love it na din!:)  Hahaha!  My son cannot eat a meal without rice, and it's a good thing rice is available as a side dish here.  You can order a dozen things on the menu and not damage your wallet in a big way.  The noodles arrive piping hot, and stayed hot until the last bite. Service is fast, the young staff friendly and can understand English.  

I do not consider myself a ramen expert so I can't say with authority whether this is great ramen place or not. However, I do know that this is a popular ramen restaurant chain in Osaka. All in all a good restaurant if you want a good bowl of noodles at a price that won't damage your wallet.

Ippudo Ramen
3-1-17 Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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