Friday, April 25, 2014

Where To Stay In Osaka: Toyoko Inn

In my previous post, I wrote about Fraser Residences Nankai. It was where my family stayed and it is my hotel of choice in Osaka.  It is perfect for families with kids who value a spacious retreat to come home to after a tiring day of sightseeing.  It is walking distance away for where all the actions is:  sightseeing, shopping and dining! 

However, if you are traveling with a group of adults, and don't mind to walk and explore and stay in a much smaller hotel room within this area, then I also recommend Toyoko Inn.

My 2 younger sister decided to join us at the last minute; since all the rooms at Fraser were booked already, they just decided to get a room here since it is just a walking distance away from Fraser and the Nankai train station. It was further away from Fraser by a 10-minute walk, but if you do not have kids with you then the distance should not be a problem. They stayed only for 5 days, and on their last day, the kids and I visited them to help them check-out and have a look at their room.

 This is the hotel lobby.  It is small and functional.  It even has computers for hotel guests in one area.
Toyoko Inn is definitely not a luxury hotel, but according to my sisters while their room was very small, it was immaculately clean and everything they needed was provided for. Their room has a full-sized bed that can fit two person comfortably.

Obviously, my li'l man is not meant for cramped spaces.  Ayan, within a minute of getting in... chaos! If we stayed here, we will get thrown out the very next day after everyone on our floor complains about all the jumping, running and thumping of feet on the floor
Suitcases have to fit under the bed.  There are no closet to hang your clothes, there are no drawers to store anything.
The room has very little space around to walk in (as in 2 people cannot walk side by side), there is a rack on the wall for hanging clothes, a fridge, kettle, dehumidifier/purifier, TV, and free wifi.
The bathroom has a bathtub and comes with the usual accompaniment of toothbrushes, and soap, shampoo and conditioner. 
Look at one example of Japanese ingenuity - the faucet can twist from the sink to the shower in one swivel!
Razors, towels, combs are available near the elevator, free for anyone to get.
My sisters said that check-in time is 4pm, and the hotel strictly abide by this.  My sisters flew in via Jetstar and landed in Japan by lunch. They just left their luggage at the corner of lobby and walked aroud Osaka.

I am not sure how much they paid, but they said the price is definitely value for money. You can check the room rates here.

Overall, Toyoki Inn is the perfect hotel for no frills budget traveler.  Being a budget hotel, keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for : a very small room, no closet but just hooks on the wall to hang your clothes, be prepared to stow your bags underneath the bed.

Toyoko Inn
2-8-7 Naniwa-ku Moto-machi, 
Osaka Prefecture 556-0016, Japan 
Tel: +81-(0)6-4397-1045 
Fax: +81-(0)6-4397-1046

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