Thursday, November 27, 2014

Japan Day 5: {Downtown Kyoto} Nishiki Market

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Day 5 of our Japan trip is also the last whole day of my sisters in Japan. They leave earlier than us since responsibilities at the office cannot allow them more time for a longer stay. So for Day 5, we planned to start with Nishiki Market in downtown Kyoto, travel southward to Fushimi Inari, and then move on to Nara mid-afternoon. It is an ambitious tour agenda, but we were determined to make it work.
It already started out the right way… with a relaxed brunch at Nishiki Market, which is also known as the “Kitchen of Kyoto.” This food market in downtown Koto, which has been in existence for several centuries, is actually just a long, narrow street lined with over one hundred shops both sides. The market is lined with shops selling fish, meat, dried goods, sushi, matcha, and a whole lot more.

Just enjoy looking at the photos:

We stopped by almost every store in the market, but this corner stall selling all kinds of squid/fish balls was so good!  The pretty Japanese lady was very friendly, too.

There's a long line of people waiting to buy Tofu Donuts, so we had to line up and see what the fuss is all about, of course!

We didn't know what this guy was grilling, but it looked so good.  We thought it was soemthing savoury, but it was something similar to the mochi we buy in Pampanga. We dipped it in this sweet sauce.  No double dipping allowed, of course!

Chestnuts! Free taste! Soo big!  I placed them on my palm so there's something to compare against.

If you walk further down, you will end up at Teramachi street.  Teramachi is like a glorified version of a bazaar. But the items we saw were not really of good quality, or we just did not look hard enough. We did not stay long here, we actually just stopped to look for about a minute and went back inside Nishiki Market.

Walking through the arcade, our 5 sensory senses were easily overwhelmed by the market. For me, a trip to Nishiki is a must for every food-lover visiting Kyoto.

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