Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Paradise Dynasty Philippines

Paradise Dynasty dishes up an affordable selection of northern and southern Chinese cuisine at seven restaurants in Singapore, with overseas presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Paradise Dynasty is a casual dining concept by Paradise Group that recently opened in the 2nd level of S Maison at the Conrad Hotel, right beside SM MOA. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oishi World of O, Wow!

From its humble origins of repacking gawgaw and local coffee and introducing classics such as Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei, Liwayway Marketing Corporation has come a long way in the last seventy years. Liwayway Marketing Corp has been redefining snack time for Filipino families as they introduce more favorites such as Bread Pan, Ribbed Cracklings, Pillows, Marty’s, Potato Fries, and Ridges.

Now with an ever-growing roster of products, Oishi has been capturing hearts around Asia as well, including countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, and China.

Friday, December 9, 2016

FreshLook & Air Optix Holiday Promo

You see, I start my Christmas shopping early... I try to start pala. But I usually still have a few names left when December comes. So panic-mode pa din trying to tick all those names off.

I'm in the middle of sorting out the gifts for all my inaanaks right now. I'm taking a break from wrapping gifts because I lost the small notebook where I jotted down which gift is for whom. Now, the gifts are all jumbled as I can't remember what I bought for whom. Kainis!

If you don't want to be in the situation I'm in, when you can't remember which gift is for whom, it's best to give a Gift Certificate. Di ba? That way, they can choose and get what they really want!

I just found out that FreshLook and Air Optix Colors also has Gift Certificates – perfect gifts for our loved ones who are wearing contact lenses. It's the perfect gift for someone who has high eye prescription so you don't need to ask them for their grade. They can claim their preferred color and grade at the same optical shop that it was purchased.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fulfill Your Christmas Wishlist With Digital Walker!

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the time when I get stressed out thinking of what to give the special people in my life. It's not that easy to think of a gift that I'm sure they will like.

I'm so thankful that Digital Walker, the country’s largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories, is making things easier this season by hosting a Holiday Wish List Promo!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Easiest 4-Ingredient Grilled Pesto Chicken

Here is an extremely easy grilled chicken recipe. My Grilled Pesto Chicken is rich in delicious flavors and yet comes together in 20 minutes with only 4 ingredients!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Christmas Story of Togetherness

Christmas for me is the season of love and compassion.

It is about spreading good cheer and spending time with family and loved ones.

When I think of Christmas, it brings happy memories of family gatherings and charming traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

Christmas means something different to every person and family, but almost everyone will agree that the season brings to mind Christmas carols, gift exchanges and family reunions.

However, for the people living in Sitio Naubo, life is very different. 

Sitio Naubo is a small pastoral town in the outskirts of Dumaguete. Life is difficult as the area has no electricity. But despite this, the tight-knit community is positive and full of hope. Despite the darkness, the people do their best to celebrate Christmas together like one big happy family.

Watch the video to see how Lady’s Choice made Sitio Naubo's Christmas more special.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Domex 1Million Clean Toilets

In all of our travels abroad and even during local hotel staycations, one of the first things I do once we get settled down in our hotel room is to wipe down the toilet seat with a sanitizing solution. 

When my 2 girls were toddlers, I was very specific in the instructions I gave their yayas on how to sanitize the public toilet before my girls are to use them.

I'm OC about toilet hygiene talaga.

As a mother, I want to protect my kids from certain dangers to keep them healthy. I feel like it is my responsibility to teach them to keep themselves healthy as they grow up.

At home, shempre, I am as OC about hygiene in our bathrooms din.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mothers Who Brunch x Crate and Barrel

Christmas will soon be here... In about a months's time!

Are you ready for it?

What I look forward to the most during the holidays are time together with my family and friends. I really love spending time with my family, and I'm grateful that my husband has a long break from the office, too. It means he has more time for me and the kids.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Be A Wall Against Dengue

Whenever I hear stories from my friends and school co-parents about how devastating dengue can be, I say a short prayer of thanks that I haven't had any first-hand experience with dengue, it hasn't affected anyone in my family yet. 

Lately, I've been also reading in the papers about the recent rise of Dengue cases in the country.

I love my family and I want to do everything that I can to spare them from dengue.

A few Fridays ago, I attended the Be A Wall Against Dengue campaign held at the Glorietta Activity Center. With me were some of my friends, most of whom have already contracted dengue, or at least have had a family member who got sick from it.

Michelle Lim, Paolo and Suzi Abrera, Janice Villanueva and ME

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To Connect With Our Teens On Social Media

I remember how it was like when I was a teenager, and how the home phone was crucial to staying in touch with my friends. During that time, we only have one home phone and there were 5 of us siblings. We had to practice restraint and courtesy by taking turns with the phone.

Unlike me as a teenager, my kids have wifi and a plethora of gadgets that allow them to be socially connected all the time. And they don't even have to concern themselves with taking turns because their gadgets are exclusive to them.

I have a 16 year old daughter, a 13 year old daughter, and a 12 year old son.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Burger King Chicken Fries

If you are both a chicken and fries fan then Burger King’s new product the Burger King Chicken Fries was made for you. Imagine the flavor and meat of chicken with the crispiness and finger-shaped form of fries, the combined result would be Chicken Fries.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DIY Hair Treats At Home

For most women, beautiful, silky smooth hair is one of out top priorities. It's not called our crowning glory for nothing. Women invest time and money for beautiful hair. Think of the thousands spent for a trip to the salon or the bottles of hair treatments.

When I reached 40, I noticed that my hair started to show signs of aging, too. Dull, dry damaged, brittle, flat, coarse, thin—these are the inevitable signs of aging hair, which the vast majority of women will encounter. And as a busy mom of three active kids, I don't really have the luxury of time to spend an entire afternoon in the salon for treatments.

This is why I am so thankful when Watsons sent me a package overflowing with Hair Treats. I can get beautiful hair right at home.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Musings of the Teenage Mind

(I wrote this post two weeks ago, but forgot to publish)

My daughter came to my room just a few minutes ago. We just had dinner and she was going to start writing her article for her school paper, of which she is the sports writer.

She plopped herself on my bed, and goes, "Ma, I have kwento for you. I forgot to tell you earlier...

I interrupted her, "Wait! Is this good news or bad news?

She thought about it, "Uhmm, it's just kwento, but it's kilig.

Uuyyy! Now she has my attention! 

I sat upright, "ok, go tell me about it!

But she hesitated, "ah I'll kwento later na, mga 10pm when I'm done studying para full effect." 


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dona Lim + Snippets of Paris Fashion Week 2016

My good friend and J's ninang, Donabel, just launched Dona Lim, her self-named fashion line

She's one of my oldest friends, and not only do I admire her for sense of style; more than that, she inspires me with how she lives her life of faith.  She really is one of the people whose advice I really take to heart. I really admire how she was able to make a faith statement even with how she presents her fashion line.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Team Sushimoto: Sushi + Bento Box Workshop

If I would look back on all the restaurants my family ate in, it would appear that Japanese is our favorite cuisine.

My family can't get enough of sashimi, tempura, Kobe beef and let's not forget sushi!

The kids and I have also tried doing our own sushi at home. It's a fun activity whenever we have an easy weekend with nothing planned. Afterall, what could be better than making your own sushi where you get to choose the filling that you want to put in.

When my friend, Melanee invited me to join her for a sushi-making class, I immediately said yes! I'd like to have more sushi nights at home, and I'd like to learn more from a sushi chef.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Contadina and Nigella Lawson

In my home, the kitchen is the focus of the energy most of the time. The sizzling sound of the heated pan, the smell of chopped herbs, the visual delight of plating a finished dish... everything just stimulates the senses and encourages creativity.

Like all home-cooks, cooking is a great form of relaxation for me. It makes me feel good knowing that what I am doing serves as nourishment for the people I love very much. In the same manner, my family's appreciation of what I cook nurtures me emotionally, as well.

When I got an invite earlier this month for an exclusive lunch with Nigella Lawson as she introduced Contadina to the Philippine market, it was a dream come true!

Nigella Lawson reflects the Contadina woman through her food philosophy. 
Contadina is Italian for “woman of the fields”, very particular and discriminating about 
the quality of ingredients she uses for the home-cooked meals she lovingly prepares.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Digital Walker's Early Christmas Sale

This Friday, I already blocked my schedule to go shopping at Digital Walker's Christmas Comes Early Sale at the Mega Trade Hall 3 of SM Megamall. They say that discounts are up to 90% off, this is definitely an early holiday treat for everyone!

Digital Walker carries the widest selection of consumer technology products that range from smartphones, tablets, cameras, cases, speakers, headphones, earphones and many more. Whether you’re a true technophile or just someone who just wants to enjoy technology, Digital Walker surely has the product that’s perfect for you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Letter to My Daughter

I edited this post October 1, 2016 to take out some details.

. . . . .

My husband and I make it a point to write letters to each of our kids during their birthdays. We want them to know how we love them so very much.

In the same manner, my kids also know that I expect a heartfelt card from them during my birthday. I don't really expect a gift, but I will super appreciate a well-written and meaningful note.

My oldest daughter just had her retreat a few weeks ago; and of course, a special letter for that occasion is also in order.

Each year, the juniors in J's school go through this spiritual retreat which focuses on discovering oneself and improving spirituality, which all leads to a better relationship with God, family and friends.

This girl was gone for a 3-day retreat, from which she came out more appreciative of her life and everyone in it. According to her, she's most grateful for the sacrifices I make for her. Awww, so sweet @whimsicalsushi. I'm posting this so I can hold you accountable for that statement. When you get upset with me in the future for being "strict" Imma show you this one. 😜😜😜 I do love you very much and I'm so appreciative of how you're so emotionally low-maintenance that you make parenting seem so easy. 😘😘😘

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nutrition On-The-Go with Selecta Fortified Milk

I've been a swim-mom for 7 years already, since 2009.

Ang cute ng Team Ong shirts, di ba?
(Taken in 2014)

I am continually impressed with the discipline, athleticism, mental toughness and physical resilience it takes to be a competitive swimmer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tickles Megamall

The ber months are here!

And we know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner!

I want to be prepared this year, and finish my Christmas shopping list early. My goal for this year is to start distributing gifts on the first week of December.

With that in mind, I already started buying stocking fillers.

When I found out that Tickles opened their new flagship store at Megamall Building A, I visited right away. Kase excited to finish my Christmas shopping list and para mag nostalgia tripping. Hahaha!
Tickles made me feel like a kid again... A kid in a circus place!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy 12th, My Li'l Man!

Happy 12th birthday to my fave son!

I feel guilty that as my kids grow older, I'm no longer as eager to document their days like I was when they were younger. I remember I would have albums upon albums filled with their photos, but that was when I was still shooting with film. Later on, when digital photography overtook film, I would be busy on photoshop making photo journals.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Protecting My Family with Fern-C

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with some of my mommy friends. It was a catch-up/chika session because we all wanted to be updated about the latest issues concerning our 16-year old daughters.

The talk naturally gravitated to the state of our health, with one friend doing a quick survey on what supplements we all take.

I am not getting any younger, and with my hectic lifestyle, I definitely need supplements to keep me healthy as I juggle multiple roles all at once. I make sure that I prepare nutritious meals for my family every meal times. I try to update the blog with relevant content at least once a week. I'm a #tsupermama so I bring the kids to wherever they have to be. I am a wife that needs to spend one-on-one quality time with my husband. And then, I also need to invest and spend time with myself, of course.

Sadly, the state of our health + supplements and medicines have slowly started taking over our convo topics, more and more often as each year passes.

Monday, August 22, 2016

{Weekend Footnotes} G-League SC Leg 1

I haven't been posting regularly, I know. And I'm sorry.

But, here's one now. This is going to be snippets of what happened within this month, so far.

My weekends always seem like a blur lately. 

We used to meet up with my in-laws for Sunday lunch after worship service. But for the past two months, my father-in-law has been in and out of the hospital, so weekends are usually just spent visiting with him. If you could help us pray for his comfort, it will be greatly appreciated.

*  *  *

Two weekends ago, my fave son (and only because he is my only one!) competed in yet another meet. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tips For Taking Better Care of Your Non-Stick Pans + Hard & Light Cookware by Lock & Lock

I definitely knew I hit middle-age when going to department stores, the first area I hit up is the Home & Kitchen section. And, the same thing holds true for online shopping. I spend a lot of time browsing the Home and Kitchen section, too.

Lately, I've been I've been obsessing about pots and pans.

I have all sorts. I have stainless steel. I have cast iron. I have non-stick. I think the more pans, the merrier.

What Kind Of Pan To Use?

I am lucky to have a set of solid stainless steel Salad Master that my MIL gifted me with. I use it to saute vegetables and stir-fry meats.

But for cooking food such as sunny-side eggs, fried rice, fish fillets, pancakes, crepes, nothing beats a non-stick pan. No matter what I do, dumidikit talaga pag di non-stick.

Just the other day, I was in the mood for garlic rice, and experience has told me so many times that the best pan for fried rice is a non-stick pan. It's a good thing that I have the newest non-stick pan from Lock & Lock, the Hard & Light Frying Pan.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


One of the things I enjoy doing in Instagram is discovering and following the accounts of high-quality local brands.

I purchase a lot from these online stores, and if I'm really satisfied with their products and the quality of their service then I also love sharing them with all of you. These local brands deserve to reach a bigger market.

A few months ago, when we were invited to join the Row 101 Suummer Pop Up Bazaar, my daughter discovered Fringy.PH. She had used up her shopping money allocation, so she kept bugging to borrow money to buy these genuine leather fringes.

In the end, I gave in and brought her two pairs.

So quirky! See?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#ColorYourMood with Freshlook & Air Optix Colors

I've been a contact lens wearer for many years now.

It's much more convenient than eyeglasses. I don't have to deal with my glasses fogging up due to change in temperature. Eyeglasses are annoying to wear when it rains. And when you get sweaty, the frame constantly slides down your nose.

I am currently using monthly disposable ones by Air Optix.

I love the way it feels when I put it on. It feels weightless, like I don't have any contact lenses on.

I'm so happy that I have finally found a contact lens that can take me from morning to evening. There's finally a contact lens that can give me the comfort I need all day long.

And now that I found out they have colored ones, as well, I can't wait to try them!

#ColorYourMood with Freshlook & Air Optix Colors

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Uma Uma Ramen + Whisky Bar

I have this group of mom-friends who I meet up with regularly to eat, its always just to eat. WE love to eat, and so we bond over good food. Together, we visit restaurants we've never tried before, but there are also times that one of us would just host a dinner party at home.

I honestly don't recall having gone out shopping with this group, nor did we ever watch a movie together.

Because of our common love for eating, our viber group is called The Cupcake Group because we love to have coffee and eat cupcakes. Well, to be accurate, they have coffee and I just drink warm water.

It did not surprise me when I learned that the one who hosted our recent dinner has a nephew who runs this super popular ramen bar in Singapore called, Uma Uma. The nephew, Russell Yu, is a Filipino-Chinese who grew up in the US but is now based in Singapore.

Uma Uma Ramen, {Forum Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore}

Thursday, June 9, 2016

TPM Baon Diaries: 5 Easy Tips for Packing Lunch Baon That Your Kids Will Love

My Li'l Man started school already this week, and my girls will follow next week.

For the past few weeks, we have been spending a lot of time getting things organized to go back to school. School uniforms bought, school supplies replenished, and we have been shopping for new backpacks and lunch bags.

It's a bittersweet time. Although we are sad that summer will soon end, we’re also excited to start a new school year with new goals and adventures.

For me, back to school always means back to baon prepping.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see me posts about the baon I prepare for my kids.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Unboxing of Globe Disney Mobile

My second daughter is at that age where she's too young to be an adult, but too old to be a kid.

She's at that stage where she's starting to shift her interests on "mature" matters, but there are things that she simply loves which are just too difficult to let go of.

Disney Princesses is one of them. I sometimes catch her playing the movie soundtrack of the Disney princesses movies on Spotify.

Globe Telecom now offers Disney Mobile smartphones through its new myStarter postpaid plans for as low as P750 per month.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where To Buy "My Pals Are Here" in Manila?

One of my most visited blog posts especially during the start of the school year happens to be a very old post about Singapore Math.

In 2010, I posted about discovering a distributor selling the My Pals Are Here accompanying practice books.  I made this discovery as I attended one of those book fairs, and it so happened that the distributor was selling old editions of My Pals Are Here at 50% off. Naturally, I hoarded the practice books at ALL levels.

What I get from my kids' school is just the textbook and the workbook, but it turns out that there are also additional enrichment books that can be purchased separately.

I've lost the contact number of that distributor already.

But, I'm happy to share with all of you tutor-mamas that I recently discovered where you can all easily buy the additional practice books.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teen Travel Essentials {For When They Travel Without Parents}

My kids have started packing for themselves a few years ago, but while I don't think they can be considered packing experts yet, I believe they can manage pretty well on their own.

For the first time ever, all the grandchildren went traveling with their grandparents and their 2 best aunties. This year is the first time they traveled without us. It was just a short trip to Hong Kong, but it's still a trip - without me! I'm very proud of how my kids handled themselves on that trip.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#BeloBaby Blog Giveaway

This summer heat just makes everyone in the family want to take a bath frequently. But we all know that frequent washing can strip sensitive skin of essential oils thereby leading to dry and itchy skin. 

It's perfect timing that I discovered Belo Baby about a month ago. We gave it a try, and now I'm back to tell you about how my kids and I are loving it.

Belo Baby is made from 100% natural products, which means that they are free from synthetic chemicals and toxins, they are less likely to cause irritation as they are free from common allergens. They are also gentler and safer than products with artificial ingredients.

Hair & Body Wash (200ml bottle for Php 219.75). 
Face & Body Lotion (150ml tube for Php 224.75). Bar Soap (Php 79.75)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Sports Mom's Survival Guide

More than half of the 16 years that I'm a mom, I've been a sports mom.

I've been with them through several aquathlons... I even ran alongside my oldest when she did her first aquathlon when she was 9 years old because she was so scared she couldn't finish the 3k run. 

I've chaperoned them to different provinces when they qualified for the national championships for Palarong Pambansa and Batang Pinoy.

I am currently a swim mom, and enjoying it so much!

August 2008 when they were all going to Futbol Fanatics during the weekends,
years before the Azkals was even formed

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

War Room Movie + DVD Giveaway

You know how it is when you have kids, and you're with them the whole day and you all had fun, but then the level of activity with your teens is just so hyper that by the end of the day even if you're so sleepy, you just want to stay awake just to get a piece of quiet all by your lonesome? Well that was me one night a few weeks ago..

C went out to meet with his men's group. I had all the time that night to do anything and everything without the kids or the husband. It's my ME-time! hahaha!

I spent the time watching War Room. My friend, Kaye, sent me a DVD of War Room a month ago pa ata. But I never had the time to watch it because having teens who want you to bring them around everywhere takes up all of my day this summer. 

War Room is the fifth movie from the Kendrick Brothers. They are the brothers behind the movies: Fire Proof and Courageous. I’ve watched their previous movies before, and I especially the values that both movies imparted.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The One Baby Item I Couldn't Live Without: La-Z-Boy

I had my kids in fast succession, especially my two younger ones.

The good thing about having kids so close together in age is that I was in continuous baby mode. After all, how many times do you really want to baby-proof your house or shop for the latest car seat or high chair or breast pump?

Eeeeep! 3 kids - all under 5 years old.
Circa June 2005 when my kids were 4 years old, 2 years old and 9 months old. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Summer Ready With SM HOME

I love this time of year, the break from the tiring school schedule to a relaxed summer schedule.

My kids are almost always home most of the time when they are not busy swim-training, I want to make sure they have all the fun at home during summer.

It doesn't have to cost a lot to make our homes summer ready. I went to The SM Store to show you ladies on how a few budget-friendly purchases can set the scene for savoring summer's special moments at home.

I love The SM Store... too much, if you ask my husband. I could easily get lost for hours inside it. I especially love its home section – SM HOME, because it offers excellent-quality items that are well-priced. It is where I go whenever I need to shop for something around the house.

The first thing I did to prepare our summer essentials was to make sure our medicine cabinet was ready with sun block and insect repellent. In the garage, balls of all kinds and the wheels of the bike are pumped with air. Even my daughter's spotify playlist has summer songs on the ready.

Naturally, since my kids are always eating, the first and foremost attraction for them would be food. In the pantry, sweets and savory snacks are filled to brimming. The freezer has seasoned burger patties on stand-by. Cold fruit juices and milk are in ready supply in the ref . For my kids, a summer without cold drinks on hand is no summer at all. It's a good thing The SM Store has a lot of choices when it comes to that.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Choosing The Right Postpaid Plan For My Teen: Globe MyStarter Plan

My second daughter turned thirteen earlier this year.

As expected, she has started to want to spend more time with her friends. Luckily for me, she has chosen her friends very well.

When they want to "hang," it is usually just in one of her friends' houses or the occasional birthday outings.

I'm thankful that at least I can get in touch through her phone even when she is out with friends.

at a Mad Science birthday party 

Monday, May 2, 2016

ZIPPY Kidstore + How To Make The Most of Your Kids' Clothes

One of the things I realized as a mom is that kids grow out of stuff fast! Especially now that I've got pre-teens, it seems like they grow an inch everytime I turn around. I buy my eleven year old son a new pair of jeans, and after six months bitin na! He outgrows his pants so fast that I've decided we are going to stop buying pants in the meantime. Mag shorts na lang muna siya! Hahaha!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bathe With Perfume With Lux Soft Touch

I must admit, after a tiring day, I never really feel rested until after I take a long shower. There's really something about hot showers that seem to take the feeling of tiredness off my body. I love using fragrant beauty soaps and body washes that make me feel and smell wonderful hours after I have stepped out of the shower. I have a few favorites that I use on heavy rotation. The latest of which is LUX Soft Touch. It's like taking a bath with delicate French Roses!

I like that the body wash foams up nicely but doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. I always use body gels with a bath puff, this way I don't need to use too much of the product. Just a coin-size amount is enough for the entire body. I love also that the fragrance lingers on my skin, so when my kids lean in for a hug and to kiss me good night, they always say, "Mommy, you smell so good."  

LUX Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash (P55 for 100ml, P120 for 250ml)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Healing Power of Vaseline

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking, it is an activity that is very therapeutic for me. But cooking a lot also means that I wash my hands a lot. I wash my hands after contact with raw meat, or if something is sticky. You can say I'm an obsessive hand washer. 

Constant hand-washing can leave me with hands that are dry and rough, that's why I always have lotions in different areas around the house so I can put a little every time I remember.

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Motherhood Journey + EXPO Mom 2016

As women, we need outlets to express ourselves - to vent our frustrations, encourage us during our struggles and share our elation. Our mom friends understand us. There is a common connection that can only come from someone who understands exactly what we are going through.

My mommy friends are my constant understanding ear as I tackle the hardest and most rewarding job of my life. I always enjoy spending time with them because we always end up laughing about how we are going through the same things. It's so much comforting to vent with someone who understands almost exactly what I'm going through.

I don't even meet up with them that often. Most of the time our interaction is online, we just chat on FBC or though our viber group. We understand that motherhood is our priority and it takes up a big chunk of our time.

Friday, April 22, 2016

{Weekend Footnotes} Bazaar Weekend + Meet Ups

This weekend footnotes post is several days late. I should have posted this last Monday, but I was busy sorting out the items from the bazaar. My living room is like one big bodega, and my husband is not too pleased with it. Hahaha!

The past weekend was a very busy and tiring one for my entire family. My girls and I were invited to participate in our very first ever bazaar. I was excited for my girls to experience working for their money that I offered them all the proceeds from selling their pre-loved clothes. It's just too bad that my oldest spent a part of it shopping the bazaar. Cry emoji here! Hahaha!

My girls saw for themselves how hard it was to earn money. And when we got home on the fist day of the bazaar, B goes, "I don't know why I feel so tired. I just sat the whole day in an air-conditioned room, but I'm so sleepy already." I don't know why, too, but I felt the same way, anak!

As far as my oldest is concerned she missed the memo for the bazaar dress code twice! I told both my girls the night before the bazaar to dress comfortably and in clothes that allows for movement because we had to do ingress and egress on both days. Nag pencil skirt on the first day! At nag dress nung second day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Help Our Li'l Ones With Their Big Worries

Just less than a month ago, my youngest, R, graduated from grade school. How can that be, right? It wasn’t that long ago when I first brought him to his nursery classroom, where his teacher assured me that he’d be OK on her watch.

When it was his first day of first grade, I couldn’t rest easy (even if he was my third kid to be going to grade school.) How could I, knowing that he was now sharing the cafeteria, field, toilet, hallways —with the big boys? Where big (and bad) words (particularly starting with the letter “F”) can be heard and are used so often!!

This is such a lovely reminder of how fast our kids grow. Look at the difference 2 years make! 
May binata na ako! OMG!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello, Blog Reader + Rundown of TPM Top Posts

Just like other writers, there are days when I seem to not have anything to write about, or I feel too overwhelmed with real life that I can't seem to stop and calm my mind enough to write about things I am passionate about.

I have certainly felt that way the early part of the year, hence the silence here. I hope you don't mind it too much if you hear less from me. Just know that infrequent posting means real life is happening - in mega BIG doses. hahaha!

Anyway, if you follow me in my social media accounts (if you don't yet, then you can follow me now: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), then you must have seen this post already. But please forgive me for still posting about it on the blog. You see, this is the first time ever I was stopped by a reader. So I'm still kilig about it - big time!!! Hahaha!

I really felt "legit" Meron palang nagbabasa other than my family and friends. Hahaha!:)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Belo Baby: 100% Certified Natural, 0% Harmful Chemicals

Belo Baby

Now that it's summer, it can only mean one thing for my swimmers - twice a day training. Twice a day swim training also means taking a bath twice a day, which means drier skin.

Every stroke my kids take in chlorinated water, and even the after-swim shower damages their skin. I make sure that the shampoo, body wash and lotion they use is gentle enough for frequent use. It's right timing that I discovered Belo Baby. Belo Baby is a new product line from Belo, crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.

Even if my kids are not babies anymore, they still need gentle and all-natural skin products for their skin, which is prone to dryness because of their constant exposure to chlorine water.

Monday, April 11, 2016

TPM Baon Diaries: Finding the Best Lunchbox For My Kids

If you google "#TPMbaondiaries" you will be brought to my instagram page and you will find photos of all my baon postings. Although I don't always remember to take photos of everything that I pack, but what you see is basically a rotation of the food that I usually prepare for my kids' baon.

I love packing healthy lunches for my family. I think packing nourishing + delicious food is a big step to making sure that we are living a healthy lifestyle. It's also important for me that the food I prepare are not too complicated to prepare in the morning because I don't want to wake up too early. It has to be still hot by the time they eat it and delicious so that my kids will actually eat and finish, otherwise it's a waste of my time, money and effort.

I've been packing school lunches for close to a decade now - I started when my oldest was 7 and just started grade school. And now, she's about to enter senior high.  In that time, I've tried a LOT of different lunch containers and lunch packing strategies. There are a lot of good lunch containers out there, and I definitely tried many of them.

There are many factors to consider when determining what lunch container to use. For our needs and the way I like to pack lunch, my favorite lunch containers, by far, are Bubee Lunch Jars. They just work for us. 

One set of Bubee Lunch Jar includes two jars and a carrying pouch. 
It is made of thick, food-grade stainless steel which is double layered. 
It keeps cold foods cold and hot foods hot for up to 5 hours. 

Wondering what lunch box food storage containers are the best for sending to school with your kids?
Does it leak? Can it keep food hot? Will it break? Is it safe? How long will it last? 

Reasons Why I Love Bubee Lunch Jars:

I'd like to tell you more about my favorite containers, and why I love them. I realized that I've used them for several years already, but I've never actually shared why I think they're so great. So it's about time.

1. They are really versatile. They keep hot food hot, and cold food cold... for hours.
Being able to make sure that my kids can eat their lunch still hot is essential to my choice of lunch container. There's nothing more unappetizing than eating cold rice and ulam, di ba? Their lunch gets packed around 6 am, and by the time they eat it at noon, it is still warm.

I can let them bring beef stew or pork belly without having to worry that "sebo" will form because the food is still warm by lunch.

The manual says you can pre-heat the container by pouring very hot water into the lunch jar and letting it stay for about 5-10 minutes. Then pour out the water and simply put in the hot meal, and quickly cover it. I skip this step, and my kids' meal still turn out warm by lunch time.
I also use the Bubee Lunch Jars for cold foods like yogurt, guilt-free banana cream pie, and the likes

For cold foods, the manual recommends pre-chilling by simply flash freezing the container by putting it inside the freezer for 10 minutes before adding cold contents.

2. They are durable.
My lunch jars are a several years old ( a decade - give or take) and are still in perfect shape, despite having been dropped, dumped and bounced around numerous times by my kids. Parang bullet-proof lang.

3. They are safe.
These containers are made of premium 18/8 stainless steel, and the food storage jar's lid and plastic base and lid cover are BPA-free, phthalates-free, PVC-free and lead-free.

With the recent concern about BPA, nothing comes into contact with plastic with these containers because the inner lid is also made of stainless steel.

4. They are easy to clean.
 As an added bonus, they are also very easy to clean, none whatsoever of the greasiness even with just one washing kase nga stainless steel..:)

Since they are made with stainless steel, they haven't stained and they haven't gotten a funky smell like plastics are prone to.

5. They are leak-proof, vacuum-insulated, double-walled.
The containers are double-layered so they remain cool to the touch even when filled with hot foods, and moisture-free when filled with cold foods. The container is vacuum -insulated and double layered to keep the temperature longer.

The food-grade silicone sleeve on the lids protects against leaks and spills so there is no concern over spilled sauces or liquids.

The upfront cost might seem high, but I've been using mine for a decade already so the containers have already paid for itself. PLUS, there's comfort in knowing that my kids are enjoying a hot, nutritious and delicious lunch everyday. And if you factor in that these stainless steel lunch containers have no harmful plastic whatsoever touching the food, it's just a WINNER in the true sense of the word.

The good news is: I have stocks on hand!! Please PM me on FaceBook or Iinstagram.